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A Nigerian Instagram User, Pandora_benice, an entrepreneur has gone bankrupt after she helped a sick child leaving her at the disposal of scammers who attacked her, got hold of her bank credentials and withdrew all the money in her account.

She wrote:

My mother said my good deed will not kill me.Am sorry if you have been calling to place your order,I went to onitsha to make a delivery,after which i proceeded to the bank to deposit the balance of my payment,as i came out of the bank,i decided to take a motorcycle that will convey me to the park,immediately a motorcycle stopped right in front of me,i entered and we moved just a few miles and the man stopped as he saw a woman,and he asked the woman if she had gotten a motorcycle that will take her to the hospital and she said no and even started shedding tears,i was forced to ask the bike man what was happening only for the woman to tell me that her son is very sick in the hospital and that the doctor has refused to treat him because of 20,000,at that point i became interested and told her that i would help(I guess that was all i said with my mind) the next thing,i found myself doing everything they asked me to do,I went and withdrew everything in my account and also gave them my phone.I was even taken to an area where i was asked to swear that i won't reveal anything that happened,and i was asked to go and get more money from my people since they stay there,it was when i trekked home under the hot sun,in my confused state,my mom was surprised and asked me why i was breathing heavily,she asked about the delivery and why i didn't go back to Enugu,even my phone,to cut the long story,that was when it dawned on me that i have been duped.Now it seems that most people have been blaming me for not being smart enough and i am forced to ask myself "Was i wrong for believing a story that has to do with a sick child?Was i wrong for even trying to help from the little i have?Was i wrong for even having the mind to withdraw money from my business money?Was i wrong for trying to help?Was i wrong for trusting a woman's tears? So this is how the year started for me,I will take my consolation in my mother'a word that my good deed will not kill me.Please am having headache from all the blames,you will never understand the pain i feel until you are in shoes,and you realize that all your sweat in your business was robbed you of.Pls be careful since they now operate with a woman

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