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Rugby star Siya Kolisi's wife, Rachel has cast the spotlight on breastfeeding in public, after getting 'uncomfortable stares' on the regular over the past two months.

Rachel and Siya welcomed their baby girl into the world in November and the new mom has decided to breastfeed.

However, like many women around the world, Rachel said she could not understand the awkward looks she got every time she fed her newborn in a public place.

"I experienced that when my daughter needs to feed, a lot of the time I get people giving me funny looks and people feeling uncomfortable which, in turn, makes you feel uncomfortable,"
she said on Cape Talk.

Rachel then took the debate to her social media platforms because she wanted to know how other women felt about the topic.

"I am just so confused about why someone will have a problem where I feed my child. It's something that I think is crazy that we have to talk about in 2018. I think it's something that needs a little bit more light and talking about."

Rachel said that after speaking out on social media, she was astounded by the number of women who felt the way she did, and the number of men who were supportive.

She believes that there needs to be more conversations around breastfeeding in public.

"If you are in a space where people ask you to feed your child in the toilet, you are more than welcome and it is your right to tell them to go and eat their sushi in the toilet."

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