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Mico May 19, 2017 ( Post 1 )

This is the stunning blonde teacher who shocked members of her church group by becoming a hardcore p*rn star.

The lady, Blair Williams worked as a church pre-school teacher and lived as a devout Catholic.

After only losing her virginity a year before, Blair – whose real name is Taylor – applied for The S*x Factor competition run by porn giants Hamster.

Similar to a reality TV competition, amateur contestants battle against each other for a porn contract and a $1million prize, and Blair romped home.

But Blair, from LA, revealed her new found fame has come at a cost, as her parents don't approve.

She said: “What’s hardest for my mum is the stigma around my intelligence or capability as a person because of my job.

"I’m college-educated and had an academic scholarship – how else can I prove that my career was a thought-out decision?

"There’s this idea that I’m not using my brain the way I’m supposed to, when really, I’m using the tools I have to succeed in a job, just like any other job.”

Despite her risqué career and the Catholic attitudes on premarital s*x, Blair says she is still a firm believer in the holy spirit.

With her Instagram caption, "Some porn stars go to heaven", and appearing in a s*xy religious bonnet, Blair is clearly not afraid of causing offence.

She added: "I still believe in God. Religion doesn't condemn you – the people who follow it obsessively do.
"If I went back to my church, I feel like I couldn't tell people what I do without being taken into a back room for a f****** exorcism.

"I have a problem with people who like to speak on behalf of God. They place their fear of sexuality onto me.

"People use religion as a weapon because they're uncomfortable with themselves."

Blair's career comes in complete contrast to Crystal Basette, who quit the sex world to become a pastor after "finding God”.

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Ibile May 20, 2017 ( Post 2 )
I Pity This Girl Because If You Do Not Work For GOD You May Not Suffer Very Well But You Know Him Before You Deny Him

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