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Started: Sep 03, 2016
Updated: Sep 09, 2016

AJEGUNLE: The Tale From The Ghetto (By Fikfaknuel)
About Story
AJEGUNLE : The Tale From The Ghetto, is an interesting, entertaining & educative story written by fikfaknuel (Email @[email protected])

The unofficial Nigerian ghetto headquarters of Ajegunle is one which is riddled with stories, from different mouths, each telling a unique tale. No body to tell it better than one who stands on the fore front of it all, as I type, someone who I must have seen just bled out in an hospital, he had just been treated by a quack doctor. As I type, somebody I might have touched at the famous boundary market might be having her [email protected] torn off, her sexual organ penetrated by long items that has sworn to inflict pain on any hole it enters.

This might be 18+,but here's a story that needs to be told, and needs to heard by everyone who is blessed enough to possess an ear. This is the story of Ajegunle.