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Deba Ezobo (A Tale Of An African Princess) - Season 1 - Episode 12
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The rays of the early morning sun greeted Deba in her tent. Inaudible sounds from the men outside could be heard, as they went about their business for the day. Her tent was an easy one made by wrapping the length of a pounded tree back on upright sticks dug into the ground. Her bed was a simple cloth la!d over feathers, to soften the impact of the hard ground against her skin. The Zulus really made her comfortable. But she had expressed her wish to see that Mekani, Dogo, Kubu and Mayo also had comfortable tents. Her wish was granted.

Although their journey had been smooth, Deba la!d uneasy on the soft feather bed. A lot ran through her mind; starting with the search for Gor

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