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Diary Of A Stingy S£x Addict - Season 1 - Episode 28
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Life can really get worse within the blink of an eye.

Life for me at that moment just did. When things take wrong turn one can obviously pray for death.

If you know who mylestone is, you wont even dare try any nonsense with him.

I met mylestone on our Akko field, we play ‘saturday’s set’ together. He is always pompous and so full of himself, maybe it is because he belongs to the man’o’war group. Well, unfortunately for him… I see him as nothing.
I am this guy who is mildly rich, not because i come from a rich family, but i can actually turn your fart to money, that is how good i was in those days.

I have a betting shop, i also help with admission stuffs. Hmmm, i am well known. For Mylestone, he has power for me, money has given me authority.

There was a particular day he came to the field and demanded all footballers including myself evacuate the field, because they want to use it for their parade ground. Well we could do nothing than to move, they’ve got thr backup of the school authority.

Since that day, he has entered my black book.
“washo, i must deal with this guy” i declared.
” who….. Who you wan deal with” Washo asked me smilling.

Well, he had no idea of what i have i stock for Mylestone. He is in for this.

I know most of you would have been asking why i am trying to meddle in what seems legitimate. True, Mylestone who had given us a quit notice on the field had acted rightly. Yet, he must still be dealt with.

I have no personal grudge against him but im ready to spend my last kobo just to make him cry. Let me tell you a brief story, i had just got out of a boring lecture and i was starving like someone who hasn’t eaten since 10days. I dashed out straight into a resturant just behind OGD lecture hall. I ordered for a plate of rice and dodo, as if the woman knew i was starving, she had dished my meal, i struggled to keep my food from falling due to much customer trooping to get served. I located a sit and comfortably arranged myself, no time to check time…. I started devouring my meal. Well if not for the fact that a lady called me to order that i was too fast, i would have not noticed the great figure sitted opposite me.

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