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Diary Of A Stingy S£x Addict - Season 1 - Episode 31
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I knew i shouldn’t sleep at home that day. Mylestone could come visiting to just finish me up. I got home, but what i saw la!d for me at home was more than the death from mylestone…..

It was as if i just jumped from frypan to fire. I smelt hell.

I got home with the urgent urge to move out asap and run away for my dear life. Im also thinking of a way to kill that girl Success on target. Well, that isn’t a good move for now, i need to move away from my home for start.
I got to my door and as envisaged my darling Bunmi is inside, so i thought. I met the door not locked though…. Should i knock? knock at my own door, well i won’t, i am paying the rents. I was about about going inside when i started hearing some conversation inside my room. Who are those in my room?

I stopped and waited at the door just to know what was happening inside…

” ori e ti daru, gboko gboko ( you are mad, husband snatcher ) ”
That is definitely Bisi speaking. I know that voice for sure.

“pashhhh” That was the sound of a slap. I was already very angry and needed no more time to waste, i busted in and met both ladies on each others throat. I tried separating them but it was as if they are going to just kill each other. I left them and went to close the door. I sat on my sofa and settled to watch my favorite WWE.

They threw each other up and down, many slaps and blows landed each others face. Hmmmm, the interesting part was when Bunmi tore Bisi’s cloth. Then was when i saw what i had been missing so much…. ‘Chai, see beta b0s0m’
I thought to myself. My diick quickly raised its head. Hmmmmn, i guess Bisi got angry with the way she had been disgraced. She went straight for Bunmi’s jean [email protected] She put her hand towards the jeans buckle and gave it a thorough tear. She didnt only wait there she also tore her blue [email protected] Chai, come see toto!

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