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Exchanged Passion - Season 1 - Episode 10
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Rose couldnt move becos she was already weak and tired since he forcefully had 2rounds with her lastnight as she stared at him in pain and sorrow,bitin her lips and cryin as she watched him(Thomas) pack his luggage becos he said he was tired of her and want to move on with his life as a single and said becos she was too old-fashioned and borin for him as he packed his shoes, bags,clothes and some other things that belonged to him remainin some unwashed clothes.he promised never to return to the house again and abused her bitterly before leavin with his mother supportin him as she helped him out with his luggage and left.Thomas didnt tell Rose about his new-found job becos he didnt want her meddlin in his business as he sat on the couch in the sittin room of the Macaulay

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