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Exchanged Passion - Season 1 - Episode 32
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The chauffeur kept drivin Ethan whom was listenin to music on his iphone 7 with dark sunglasses on his light face with alot of bodyguards drivin behind them as they halted for awhile becos he needed to buy popcorns as some of the bodyguards went inside the large supermarket with him while some waited in the cars.Agnes kept ridin her bicycle, wavin,smilin and greetin everyone on the road,both strangers and non-strangers which made many answered,few neglected but she wasnt moved becos its was a normal thing to her as the began ridin very fast becos she was late for her first job which was distributin newspapers and flowers,not lookin at her front becos she was carried away by just simply greetin everybody since she was in a happy mood today till she mistakenly,unknowinly and accidentally jammed someone

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