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Exchanged Passion - Season 1 - Episode 40
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No one expecated the result to be out that early since they were much that wrote the exam as everyone gathered at the postin-board to check their friends and loved ones result though the people that won the scholarship were on all social medias,newspapers,radios and televisions as some people began rejoicin while some were sober as Bem went to check the board when he saw that only few were left as he checked it and saw that his friend,Agnes successfully failed with the highest number out of 500students that wrote the exam as he covered his mouth in tears,he just couldnt believed it,Agnes of all people,out of 500students,after everythin he did,he was so overwhelmed in joy as he smiled in satisfaction,he wasnt suprised becos he knew she was a very bright student even right from when they were kids as he checked through one of his friend phone n saw that Agnes was among those given the scholarship with her name being d first,he was so happy as he began tellin his curious friends about who she was.


Valeria and her friends didnt bother checkin those who were awarded the scholarship since its wasnt none of their business and was the tradition of the school whenever they resume back to school though its was rumoured that someone got 450/500 in the exam which was rare among outsider students,its caught every students and teachers at Harmony High off guard as they wondered whom it was.

Bem got home in the evenin as he met her washin clothes and ran to embraced her as he carried her in his arms,turnin her around till she begged him to stop before showin her result which got her suprised and happy as she began thankin God in tears,Rose,Betty and mama were so happy for her as they rejoiced and jubilated,its was probably the happiest day of their lives as they merried and celebrated,she was gonna resume school by next week monday with her school uniforms,text and note books,Harmony’s sneakers and Harmony’s schoolbag before nextweek monday which Bem promised to collect on her behalf.



Agnes couldnt wait to resume school by next week monday as she told her friend,Essie,whom was happy for her though Bem had been tellin her alot about Harmony High which she finds interestin and fun as he told her about all the school’s activities durin their leisure time which are sports,games,music and dance,art and designs,caterin and craft,etc,he even told her about how the students there are grouped into factions by themselves,told her how rich,popular and beautiful the school was with alot of wealthy folks goin there alongside with high competitions.Its could had been a lie if someone could have said that Ethan Reyes forgets things easily as he couldnt stopped drawin the clumsy and bedraggled girl,his bodyguards subdued that saturday,its was like as if he just couldnt get her out of his head as he tried as much as possible to forget her and remindin himself that ‘she wasnt his type!,his parents wouldnt wanna accept such a poor thing!!’.

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