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IN The DARK (A Story Of Love, Betrayal And Survival)  - Season 1 - Episode 2
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The drive to the hotel was beutiful and crazy as well. We would sing along,laugh,shout and do some naughty dance step.

I was not a stranger at our hotel neither do i frequent the place. The name was ‘A.J paradise’ it was very big with different kind of sections.

It was a little difficult to get a place to park on time but we finally did. After securing a parking space, khole said she wanted to make a phone call before joining me in the hotel. I gussed she wanted to call her lover since she was been too secretive about the call. I teased her and told her to let me know my brother inlaw on time before it would be too late.

She eventually pushed me out of the car and i walked toward the hotel alone. On my way to the hotel my mom called and she was asking so many questions about our safety. I was still on the phone with mom when khole called my name,i turned back and ended the call with mom,khole was shouting something not audible enough for me to hear. I was still taking backward steps toward the hotel entrance, and asking khole to speak louder since i couldn’t hear her. I took one more step when my feet stepped on something hard and my back hitted something as well,or was it someone?

“There is no rock here is there?and according to my calculation am yet to get to the hotel entrance”.
I thought.

I was still thinking when The lovly saint of the perfume filled my nostrils and this made me realise i bumped into someone not something.

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