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IN The DARK (A Story Of Love, Betrayal And Survival)  - Season 1 - Episode 3
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An incoming call interupted khole from going on,i almost cursed the caller but couldn’t when i saw that it was my mom. She asked the usual question about our safety,she also spoke with khole to confirm we are alright. I hurriedly ended the call and bestowed on khole to continue, she then coverd her face with her hand saying shes blushing since its getting personal and since am still under age,i should not be hearing about love yet. I hit her playfully and grabbed her hair she then surrender her hands in the air and said she will continue. I released her hair and put my full attention on her. Khole then stood up and changed her sitting position from the bed we both occupied to the big couch in the room,i readjusted my self,ready for the full story.

I resumed school and found myself think about the cool dude i met but since i do not have his contact i had to wait for his call. He did not call for more than a week but later did on a friday afternoon. I was done with one of the day’s lecture that lasted for more than two hours. I was on my way to get lunch when my phone started ringing. The number was a new one and i was reluctant to pick at first, i eventually did and the caller said he is the dry cleaner i gave my clothes to. I do my laundry with my washing machine,what is he talking about? I told him its a wrong number but he denied and described my physical appearance perfectly,he also got my name right even the school i attend. I was surprise d and told him i do not have a dry cleaner and i do my laundry myself but this dry cleaner guy is so sturborn,he was insisting its not a wrong number. When i got tired of the argument i dropped the call. I was yet to take three steps when the number called again, i ignored and he called and called again more than ten times. At the last ring i picked the call and yelled at him to go and burn the clothes and leave me alone,he laughed and i ended the call. I got to the resturant and my phone vibrated signifying a new message. I clicked on the message and the content was ‘Hi, I am brooke so i thought i could make money from a big girl like you(smile)……………….JOSH.’

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