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IN The DARK (A Story Of Love, Betrayal And Survival) - Season 1 - Episode 77
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for your car.I threw a fist at him but he did not retaliate. Instead he told me he came in peace and this gave me the urge to listen to him with a determined heart. To cut the long story short, after kelvin’s lengthy statement, i realised my mistakes, i realised i am not worthy of this love i wanted so much.I vowed never to give up on you but he made me realise that This is suppose to be LOVE not WAR. If you derive no happiness in the love we share then why not let go peacefully if i truly love you like I claim.This is difficult to admit but Nancy, Kelvin is a real man but if he should ever make you cry, i will surely treat his fu-Ckup. Today let the earth and sky be my witness baby.Am not letting go because of Kelvin’s words but am letting go because i love you and i will always do.

Nancy, please accept this friend request from Jordan”
Jordan said and stretched his hand out to me.

I could not believe my ears and the words i heard.I looked at Jordan and i saw tears forming in his eyes.The love i felt was out of this world. I was his first love and he was mine as well.I knew how difficult it was for him but him letting go of me peacefully because of the love he had for me got me emotional. I jumped into Jordan’s arm and cried for the love we shared.Jordan patted my back and told me everything would be fine but i could tell he was trying to hold back his tears as he sniffed continuously. *** “Dont keep a gentle man waiting” Jordan said as he released me from his arm. That was when i remembered that kelvin’s proposal was still hanging.I took off my heels and sprinted to kelvin like a child.He took me into his arms and lifted me off my feet.I was the happiest girl in the world at that moment. Kelvin put me down and said “I knew you would always deny your feelings because of Jordan, now miss I Want You To Marry Me”.Kelvin got on one kneel and brought out the ring.I excitedly stretched out my hand and jumped happily as he put the ring on me.Kelvin came for my lips immediately he wore the ring on me.At first i was shy because of Jordan’s presence but i eventually got lost in our world.In between the kiss i wished my family was here to watch the whole drama.Kelvin released my lips and said “have got a surprise for you”.

He shouted “SURPRISE!” and I could not help but scream “OMG!” when i saw my family. “Did they just see us kiss?”

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