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'Jemeji' Season 1 Episode 137 Recap - Aired: Tuesday 12 September 2017
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The elders are having a meeting in front of Fonton's place.

The most vocal of them Daddy Love, complains that ever since Otogan died, they've been like sheep without a shepherd.
The elder who had gone to see Sonaya says the worst is that the future Chief is accused of killing a person.
Daddy Love says it's a bad omen and they need to deal with it quickly.
The one who was with Sonaya says they need to invoke the elders' right of choice to depose Miyonse and instal Sewedo.
Daddy love says they need to ask questions; what if Miyise is not guilty of killing the girl?'
The other elder says they saw the girl's body parts on his bed.
Daddy love asks if they saw him putting the parts there.
He love says if Miyise is not guilty, won't they be contributing to the bad omen already in the land by making Sewedo the chief?

Dr. Jide comes to see Obi at the police station.
Obi says if they can give some money to the police, they would let him go.
Dr. Jide says there is no way.
Obi asks what he means.
Dr . Jide asks how much Obi thinks he's worth for him to stick his neck out for.
Obi is shocked.
Dr. Jide says it doesn't matter if he doesn't get the money, as long as Obi doesn't get it too, then he's overly satisfied and would count his losses.
Obi says he can't be serious.
Dr. Jide says how time flies and conditions change; Obi cheated him and he's now in jail for murder.
Obi says he knows they've had their differences but Jide can't leave him there.
Jide says he can and he will gladly take the front roll to watch Obi on trial where the villagers will testify against him one by one.

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