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Must Read: Bones of the demon king
About Story
Story by harmony

“The search for my queen continues.”
He’s known as the Demon King. He’s a serial killer that brutally murders women. Eva Lewis is the reporter that named him…but is she also his next victim? The FBI must race against time to catch the Demon King before he claims his queen.


1) There will be murders, profanity, and general creepiness in this book. This story may (okay…probably will) cause you to start yelling at your phone, tablet, or laptop. You have been warned! Don’t get angry at me later. I am not responsible for lost sleep. 😛

2) PLEASE DO NOT SKIM through the chapters or you will miss out on important clues…

3) Even if you think you know who the killer is, please stick around for the ride because I’ve tried to make this so that you won’t really be sure until the very last chapter. I’m a fan of twists and turns.

4) I wrote this story in a little less than a month. I added a few bonus chapters just for kicks to give readers some insight into the characters (really to show you some cool backstory)..

5) Play nice in the comments & don’t post spoilers.

6) If you are a Grammar Nazi, feel free to highlight and tag me so that I can see what needs fixing. I’ll eventually get around to it.
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