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Must Read: Campus Dilema (18 ) - Season 2 - Episode 71
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After what seemed like a life time of struggling, our lips finally met and we got consumed kissing. From the intensity of our kiss, it was obvious that none of us wanted it easy. As we kissed, we clawed on each others clothes, practically tearing it off our bodies.

Turning her over, I pounced on her B---m, sU-Cking hungrily at them interchangeably. While I s----d, she had her hand stroking my J0yst!ck with the other clawing my back, her nails digging into my flesh with her m0ans gathering strength.

Scooping her from the bed, I carried her up with her hands around my neck and legs clasped around my torso while I had her back to the wall, my hands around her waist and lips on her B---m milking hungrily.

Her lips were doing everything possible to my ear, sU-Cking and licking them which further ignited my aroused state. Pulling her down a little still backed to the wall, I guided my J0yst!ck into her as she screamed out a m0an which resounded through the room.

I started thrusting with much pace as needed
that moment in other not to make the position uncomfortable for her. She left her hands and legs dangling while I kept thrusting into her holding her laps to still keep her up.

After a while, I brought her down gently and wanted to lead her back to the bed but she turned, holding the wall for support, she bent and gave me the perfect doggy show. Without hesitation, I had my dic.k pierced into her and thrusting in a much accelerated speed.

She kept m0an!ng pushing her waist back to meet my t----t.

Suddenly, she went stiff as her warm liquid started gushing out ejecting my J0yst!ck which I took back immediately knowing that I was closer than close. My t----t didn

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