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Must Read: Campus Dilema (18 ) - Season 1 - Episode 47
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I’ve so missed this!” She sighed out loud.”Now I
want what you’re hiding inside that boxers” Rita
continued while staring into my eyes, at the same
time slowly slipping down her [email protected] like a strip

I quickly pulled off my boxers. Then I la!d her out
on the bed, and slipped a pillow under her
butt0ckz. I positioned myself between her legs, and
slowly held my J0yst!ck to her opening. I leaned
forward and rubbed the shaft from head to ball
through her wetness. I made absolutely sure my
head pushed and rubbed her cl!t with each stroke.
Satisfied I was ready with a freshly lubricated
J0yst!ck, and so was she with her m0an!ng, and
now eyes rolled back into her head, I went for
penetration. I slowly led the tip of my rooster into
her pucci, and pulled it back out. I then would rub it
on her cl!t, and smile at her m0an. As I did this
again and again, each time going in further and
further, she began to lift her hips to meet me to
further the penetration. She was tight, very tight.
She tightened during each withdraw to discourage
and make it difficult.

I then pulled my J0yst!ck completely out, and then
pushed it completely in. She squealed, and a sigh
of desire was left out when I removed it once again.
Followed by another squeal, as I went back in. I
slowly positioned myself above her and began to
kiss her neck as I now used my hips to thrust my
rooster inside her wet tight pucci. I felt each
orgasm, and the new juices on my balls. I changed
positions, and threw her leg over the other, and

kept going. This evoked more renewed orgasms. I
felt myself close to cumming a number of times,
especially with the wild orgasms.

I allowed us to both catch our breathes after like 10
minutes of steady fvcking before I gently rolled her
over and lifted her butt0ckz. I knelt behind her and
used my fingers to ensure she was still wet and
ready. I positioned my J0yst!ck at her pucci
opening, and guided it in. With a squeal of pleasure,
I was rewarded with more lubrication, as she almost
completely fell back to the bed. I grabbed her waist
with both hands to keep her up, and slowly started
to move my J0yst!ck in and out doggy-style. I kept
this on for another 5 minutes or more till I was
forced to unload my hot fluids in her tight pucci.
We slept off after we have both calmed down.
Someone knocking on her door woke us up later in
the evening. We quickly got dressed before she
opens the door. It was Tegiri and another of her
neighbour that I haven’t been introduced to yet.

“The room is smelling funny” Tegiri said, giggling
like a fool when she entered the room.

“It’s not smelling joor” Rita countered with an angry
look on her face. Tejiri had to backed down. The
new girl introduced herself as Sandra, Meg’s
roommate. While we were talking, my stomach
groweled out loud and everybody laughed.

“Don’t tell me you’ve not given your sweetheart food
since he came o” Sandra said while smiling with a
fake look of unbelief on her face.

“Food ke….she has been giving him a different sort
of food since,” Tegiri said before Rita could replied.
“Shut up joor! Amebo!” Rita said to Tegiri sounding
a bit annoyed.

“Baby, what will you like to eat?” Rita asked me.
“Awwwwww….I’m jealous” Sandra said.
“Anything you have at home will do” I smiled and
replied Rita.

The girls latter left the room while Rita entered the
kitchen to prepare dinner. Tegiri showed up again.
She is obviously looking for something I thought
within me. She kept me company making some
snide jokes about Rita. This girl go be bad belle I

Rita eventually finished cooking, she dished out the
food and we ate together, Tegiri joined us without
any invitation from us. Is this how this girl behaves
I asked myself.

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