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Must Read: Glitches - Season 1 - Episode 1
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The evening breeze was soothing to his nerves, he needed it more than he needed life. The serene feeling he got from the jungle was top-notch, it felt like the paradise described in the bible, if only he wasn’t in the jungle because of circumstances too grave to be proud of.

The tweets of the birds sent sweet melodious tunes down his ear canal, more inspiring than any musician of this world could ever produce.

He watched a little droplet of water form on a leaf just above his head, it increased in size until its weight was too much for the tender skin of the pure water to carry. It dropped gently on his feet, running down his leg and massaging his bare lower limb.

The sound of the crickets also rented the air, threatening to disrupt the flow of inspiration from the tweets of the birds. He got up and stretched his body, his vetebra making a crack sound as though it had been fractured. He yawned and started moving gently, his calculated steps causing the dry leaves on the ground to crackle.

His tattered short adorned his lower region while his upper region was left unclad.

He stood at 5ft9 with his beard looking so unkept and bushy. Undoubtedly, no clipper had touched his hair in a very long time.

He opened the keg that was tied to his waist and gulped the content, sighed and threw the keg away, he probably had much of those at home or wherever he was coming from.

He continued his moves while taking note of his environment, having been living in the jungle for years, he knew where everything was and would easily detect a new object – yes, he was that sensitive.

The thunder rumbled gently from the sky, informing him that the gods were having a little arguement – they weren’t that perfect afterall.

The clouds had began to form and the sun was gradually loosing it’s shine. The gentle breeze was becoming more fierce and the melodious songs of the birds turned into cries of fright while the trees swayed in obedience to the command of the wind. The animals of the jungle were all running helter-skelter as none would like to be caught in the web of the coming downpour.

As darkness began to cast it’s shawdows on the jungle and the thick cloud formed a canopy, he felt a glitch in his eyes. That was a sign he wasn’t supposed to be there, he needed to find his way to the cave of solitude.

The cave of solitude was his rock – literally, where he found succour whenever the glitches started. It doesn’t forestall the impending doom nor does it supress the monster in him but it does well to contain it. He took a well calculated step as he jumped on a rock which helped to lift him up to a tree branch which he gladly grabbed. He wriggled quickly round the branch and then jumped to another and unto another and then another until he got to the last which was on a cliff. He breathed out loudly before grabbing a rope he had constructed and swinged across the cliff like a cable car.

He disengaged at the other side and started running like an invisible beast was in pursuit.

The Intensity of the darkness kept increasing and the glitches were getting more intense. He could barely see but he knew he was close, he stepped up his pace and was running like his life depended on it. Well, his life didn’t directly depend on it but the life of others did depend on it.

He got to the cave just in time. Immediately he entered the cave and pulled his short, he had a complete glitch, all he could see was plain white.

Not white as in colour but white of void and emptiness, like he wasn’t in control of himself and another soul had replaced his. He felt his eyeballs bulging and his whole body inflating.

Two of his ribs from each side of his body broke and gave way for another limb that bulged out from either sides of his body. His nails gradually transformed to claws and his hairs scales.

His eyes turned blodshot and he had fangs for teeth. His head was bald with stitches on his face.

He stood up fully, revealing his new height of about 7ft. His four hands and two legs adorned his monstrous body. He roared loudly, sending terrifying sound through the jungle. After looking around, he la!d down on the ground and slept peacefully not betraying what he trully was – a beast!!!

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