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The next day started as usual with the
normal house chores..The praying Together in the
morning before the 31st of December has
disappeared…Towards the evening time,my
Parents broke the news that they will be travelling
back to Aba the next day (much to my
delight)…Some family members that came were
now Going Back to their respective homes…

By the 8th of January,2000,everybody that came
for Xmas in our house has gone back,save for
Nkiru…Blessing came back on the 6th,cuz she
spent the Christmas in her hometown…When The
whole house waz now normal as usual,it Gave us
Chance to Bleep ourselves to Hell…And we
did…Nkiru later told me That She will be going to
Lagos on the 20th of January…It even made our
Bleeping session increase…It made us bleep in
every given opportunity,sU-Ck out our heads for
the last time i guessed..This continued,and When
the D-day came,it was dificult to Let go..Nkiru
had made me swear i will not cry When she finally
leaves,and i agreed…But that was just a
promise..We both know that it will be broken…

Nkiru will go back to their house on the 19th,from
Whence she will travel to Lagos the following
day..But on the 18th,we both bleeped like hell all
day long…It was like Nkiru couldnt get enough of
me,or that she was afraid she wont get to have
me Bleep her again for a very Longtime to
come,that was Why he bleeped like Bittch…It was
even in the night of that day that she cried while
we were bleeping hard…I asked her Whats
making her Cry,she said that she is afraid she is

going to loose me…She said she cant guarantee
of me being faithful or stop my bad boy s*x
attitude from over there..She was also afraid of
Amara..She also said that she is going to miss me
badly,cuz she was also used to me being around
her….It was also that Night that Nkiru poured out
her Heart to me,telling me how She loved me and
all that….I guess her departure got into her head
again,and she 4got i was still too young to
comprehend all she was saying about Love…..

As God will have it,Nkiru finally travelled towards
the evening of 20th January after Some hard
parting words to bear…She even Gave me
2000naira to take…Her father hired a Taxi which
took her to Owerri municipal where She will enter
A Lagos going Bus….She waved on and on at me
and her Family members as i started crying
again..I guess Nkiru must have been crying too as
the car went out of sight..My crying touched
Nkiru’s parents as they tried consoling me..Their
Last born even joined me and started crying
too..hmmmmm..I went and hugged and held
Amara so close in an Embracing Manner……She
bent down a bit,and said,”odii,ebezila akwa,a ka
no m ya”(Stop crying Odii,am still

I followed Amara and her People to their house
that Day with Amara holding me in the hand
firmly and smiling happily in a concealed
Manner…I Have stopped crying by this time,as i
started sniffing my nose quietly…After a series of
chats with the family,i opted to go,to Which
Amara objected…..She said am not strong
enough to Go all alone by myself…Her parents
bought The reasoning,but i didnt….I told them i
can go by myself…I said if they are doubting
me,let them tell Amara to escort me home
then…..They agreed,but Amara was reluctant and
hesisted a lot before Agreeing to escort me.i
spoiled Amara’s plan that day..I could see it in her
face,her movement,her smile,her bodily
emotions…While we were still on the road to my
Place,i asked Amara if Nkiru told her anything
about me…She smiled,looked at me and Said
“yes”…”kedu kwa nu ihe o gwara gi?”{what is it
that she told u?},i asked..She said exactly What
Nkiru has told me.She said her Sister made her
{Amara} promise to take care of Me and be there
for me alwaz…

Regardless of Whatever i have said previously
about Amara,she was still a caring and
compassionate person…Its just that When it
comes to me,she tends to be too
Possessive…Well, it was cool anyway,bcuz it
showed She cherished me and wouldnt want to
share me with Anybody…..

We continued trekking to My House,even though i
was with my Bicycle..We reached my House
around 6:30p.m,Only My Grandma and blessing
were around..So,i asked Amara to Take my
Bicycle and go back to their place,cuz it is easier
like that and faster…But she didnt want to go
again…Even,my Grandma didnt help the situation
too,because she was of the opinion that It is
already Late for her to go back,regardless of
whether she rides back with my Bicycle or
not….hmmmmmm….I looked at my Grandma,i
guessed she spoke out of innocence and
boredom,or would i say,loneliness…….
After we finished eating that night,My Grandma
and Blessing went to their room while me and
Amara remained back in the Parlour as we
watched a movie that was been
shown…Meanwhile,my Uncle didnt come back
that day,so it was only the four of us in the
house….Amara sat on the Chair,while i sat beside
her and la!d down so that my Head rests on her
laps…We started watching…At some point in the
movie,there was a couple kissing,and i guess it
got to Amara,as she started using her hands to
cuddle and handle with my Ear….I had wanted to
say How Badly i will Miss Nkiru When Amara’s lips
came down on my own and started kissing me
Passionately…..”chere chere chere chere”{wait
wait wait wait},i had said….I reminded her that
we were still in the parlour,all in a Whispered
tone….I Guess she got herself that Moment,and
said,”ka anyi bazie nu na room”{Lets go to the

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