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Must Read: I Have Done Some Great Bad Things - Season 1 - Episode 38
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We entered my room,which was about
two rooms apart from My Grandma’s room..I
peeped inside my Grandma’s room as we crossed
it and noticed that Blessing was sleeping in her
room that night…It was even better that way,i

Amara locked the door immediately we entered
and went Unclad…i Was somehow surprised
shaa,but maybe i had forgotten that it has been
long Since Amara had had a piece of me…The last
time was that 26th day of December we went to
her uncle’s house…She has really missed and felt
me,i guess…But i usually kept Wondering why
Amara didnt have or didnt want to have someone
her age or older as a boyfriend…Hmmmm..Like i
had said earlier,if she enters a beauty pageant
Show,She will win it…but thats by the way…

Sitting on the Bed and watching Amara approach
me,purely Unclad,made my Greatman stand
immediately(the light in the room was still on)…I
quickly removed my own Dress and was pure
nakedd too…i shifted and la!d on the bed as
Amara came on top of me…she told me to sit
up..i did…She came on me,and sitting in the
same way as i was on the bed{directly
opposite),She brought her body closer to
me,Which in turn brought her GreatEntrance to
My Greatman,and i helped guide my Greatman
into her in that Position…She held me at the
Clavicle on both sides as we started pushing
forward and Backward in that stressful,fu-Ckful
and thrilling position…It wasnt long b4 the real
sexx-freak in Amara was brought out…She
started pushing front and back as fast as she

can…it was even more faster as she now held me
tightly and firmly ..She went for my asss in that
same position we were and held it tightly and was
now controlling the way i thrusted her…At this
point,Amara was reali high…Sounds of pleasure
were already leaving her mouth at this point as
she bleeped harder and harder…on my Own,i was
gasping for breath at some point or another as
my Greatman still rammed inside her

Amara let her self fall back on the bed,as i now
climbed on top her and started bleeping her in a
supposed la!d down missionary position…Amara
just relaxed,and allowed me Bleep her…It was
surprising though,bcus unlike b4,she will be the
one bleeping me…Hmmmm…maybe i was
mistaken,because Amara immediately took over
the whole bleeping affair and Pressed me deeper
into her as she fuccked me…We later changed
position as I now la!d on The bed while Amara
la!d on top me…it was in that Manner that we
started and she gave me a hard ride before she
came down,saying she is done for the
night……hmmmmm…i wasnt done for the night
myself,and my Greatman was still rock stand…

I started rubbing and handling with her br*ast…i
used my hand to touch any of her body my hand
could get hold of…She was like,”ike o na di agwu
gi agwu,odii”{Dont u ever Get tired,odii}….i kept
silent and continued with what i was doing in her
body…I Now started romancing and caressing her
asss…O boy! The thing was like a mould or ridge i
would say…i felt her body vibrate as i touched her
GreatEntrance from her asss side…She wanted to
say something,but kept quiet…Guess she was
loving my touching…i Removed my hand from
there and used my Greatman to start rubbing her
body as i got closer to her body…Amara just la!d
there,and will giggle at some point…As i did that,i
started playing with her now fully arosen
nippple…it reali sent pleasures to her body,bcus
she grabbed my Greatman and turned on me as
my Greatman entered her GreatEntrance as we
la!d down…Our legs were intercrossed as i just
struggled in my bleeping manner to Bleep
her..Amara is a wild girl..I realised she enjoyed
dificult positions more….She kept pressing me
into her as we both struggled to fucck
ourselves…Amara helped me climb on top her
again and i started ramming her with full force
and all my might……

It was in that position that i was when i told
Amara i was now okay…She just smiled,told me to
go off the light,i did…i came back to the bed,and
she said i should just lay on top her,and slid my
Now Shrinked Greatman into her,i did….I bent
down,as she whispered to my Ears ,”I told you
that am still around”.

If it was left to Amara,she would have opted to
come and stay With us..But,she is the only Girl
around in her house,and so,she has to help out in
domestic chores,plus she also has to help out in
the farm,etc….So,the next Morning as she was
about leaving,i saw worries,pity and regret
written all over her face…She tried concealing it
for me,but she was late in doing so anyway…She
made me promise to be visiting them
regularly,especially during the weekend(s)..I
promised that i will..I guess it enlightened her
heart…I even added that i may be sleeping over
sometimes…I really made her morning with that
Adage..After breakfast that morning,Amara went
back to their house……

The next Monday,School resumed for Second
Term,but i didnt go to school that
day…Infact,throughout that week,i never went to
school…This prompted Madam Obi to visit us on
Friday whilst going back to her house,to know if
everything was okay With me..She saw me,and i
was okay,and she was relieved…After some
compliments and advice,she told me to Start
School immediately from the next monday…i said
i will.She later went home after a lenghty chat
with my Grandma…

That day being a friday,i decided to go to Avu
central school to watch ball…When i reached
there,guess who i saw? It was Nkechi…..Nkechi
was so delighted and happy When she saw me…i
kept a long face,as if there was an ant biting me
underneath…She approached me as i relaxed a
bit anyway…”Odii,kedu ebe ino since
eshi?”(odii,where have you been since?),she
asked with enthusiasm and “you still owe me”
face… I said,”a no kwa m ya”(i have been
around)…She said that she has been looking for
me since….I laughed…I know when people
lied,and she just did…If she was actually looking
for me,she knew where to find me,but she
didnt…I guess she should have said that she had
been hoping that she will meet me soon…..She
asked me why i laughed,and i said she shouldnt
bother….”odii,o kwa i ma na ika ji m
ugwo?”(odii,shey you know you are still owing
me?),she added immediately… I started laughing
again…(Dont mind my laughing..Those days,as
well as i could easily cry,i also easily laugh at
things i consider funny)…”i ma na ejighi m gi
ugwo obula,Nkechi”(you know am not owing
you,Nkechi),i said emphatically and with a finality
tone attached to it…Nkechi couldnt be swayed off
that easily…She continued persuading me to
come and fucck her..I started wondering what is
really wrong with Nkechi..Cant she just let this
Small kid be…But then,Nkechi was too tempting
to be refused….Meanwhile,even though i later
agreed,i had hoped somebody i know(especially
Amara) might show up and cause a distraction or
diversion….I told her that i will come 2moro,but
she said lets go now,that she need it
now..hmmmmm…The time was already around
5:30pm or so when we later started going to her
House….We reached her house and as
usual,nobody was at home…it got me
Wondering…Why is it that nobody is alwaz at
home everytime i come here…i asked her about
it,and she smiled and told me not to bother about
it as She locked The door….

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