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Must Read: I Have Done Some Great Bad Things - Season 1 - Episode 39
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She turned back and started walking
towards me after locking the door with a smile
and victory xpressed all over her face…Maybe to
her,she has finally caught me…she said,”m ga
emebi gi 2day”(Am going to spoil you
today)…heeeeeheehh! Spoil me kwa,i had said
inbetween deep rooted breath…i started
laughing,This girl self!..She looked at me and
laughed,no,she smiled wickedly and
treacherously…Infact her smile was filled with evil
i guess…She went inside,brought a tin peak
Milk,maltina,juice and fried rice…She mixed the
peak milk with Maltina and gave me to drink as
she took hers and started drinking…We then
started eating the rice and diluted with the
juice..She chipped in that i am going to need my
strenght..Well,if she had said that now am an
adult,i could have told her that My Zodiacal sign
was “LEO”,and being born on the 18th of
August,the sun even stood still at my
Birth..Which means,i am the Lion of the Tribe of
Sexx.(sorry that am boasting o…its allowed to
derail a bit)…Sorry for the digression….

I said i cant wait to be spoilt by her..After we
finished eating,Nkechi just held me in my hand as
we went straight to the sofa in the Parlour
there…She sat me down,brought down my
Trouser(jeans),and started playing with My
Greatman with her hands..The Greatman
responded immediately,and Nkechi was
like,woww! So,your Greatman is getting Bigger by
the day(my thoughts)…She just bent down and
with her mouth,she just swallowed my Greatman
as she gave me a mouth-bleeping(Mouth Gig as

we would say)…She continued doing this as my
hands went to her body and started pressing and
squeezing any place it could find…my hand
continued on its journey as it found its way to her
Br*ast,and started squeezing it
gently..hmmmm…her succulent br*ast were realy
so so subtle and still firm much to my surprise…I
guess her guys have not being doing great job
there or that it was natural or she didnt allow
them get a feel of her Orangie and Softie br*ast…i
started squeezin it and handling with her nippple
as she sU-Ckked my Greatman…it wasnt long
before she started letting out those seductive and
decietful sounds of pre-intimacy..

She immediately removed her mouth from my
Greatman and removed her dress
simultaneously…she came back,and as i was still
sitting on the sofa, she came on me and sat on
my Laps wich in turn allowed my Greatman to
penetrate her GreatEntrance without much
ado..Hmmmm…she started going up and down
and landing with a thud on my laps as she
bleeped herself..She continued in this way as she
screamed her head out..i also noticed that her
GreatEntrance wasnt that holey like the first has tightened a bit,i guess thats whats
making her scream with every thrusting…I
started enjoying myself as i fixed my gaze on her
and kept a smiling face as she continued bleeping
me in that manner..She started doing it faster
and harder on me as she went up and down…At
some point,she bent her back a bit,and used the
table there to wedge her two hands and allowed
me to Bleep her in that manner..Even though it
was dificult to Bleep her like that for me,i stil tried
going back and forth…She soon took over as she
unknowingly kept making noise with her hands
shifting the table with every forward shifting she
makes to jam my Greatman…hmmmm..Nkechi
could easily pass for a IndecentStar….We
continued like that till she removed her hands
from the table and placed it on my clavicle and
started rotating her bum bum on me as she
pressed me closer to her body..She started
feeling it real hard as she rotated on my
laps,which in turn made my Greatman rotate
inside her GreatEntrance and causing great thrills
for both of us…

Since she was pressing me to herself,i used that
opportunity to start sU-Cking her br*ast..She
immediately left her rotating stuff and pressed
my head to her b0s0m deeper,and my Greatman
was still inside her…..

She stood up and told me to stand up..She bent
down a bit and told me to penetrate from
behind…i did…after 2mins or so,she said i should
wait..She now sat on the sofa in the same position
i had been,spread her legs which allowed me see
her GreatEntrance and the way her holey and
vaginal attributes were featured.. she beckoned
on me to start bleeping her in that manner..I
did..we bleeped like that a long time before she
said we Should Enter Their bedroom and
Continue in her Bed.

Nkechi should have told me that she
wanted to kill me,and not Spoil me..That girl is a
sexx-freak..Writing about this our sexcapade has
made me remember the girl i saw in a newspaper
one day,who said if she doesnt fucck upto 8times
a day,56times a week;she hasnt started…..

As we were walking to the bedroom,both of us
stark nakedd,i stole a glance at the wall
was already some minutes after 7p.m…Jesus
Christ!! So we had Bleeped for an hour+,and
Nkechi doesnt seem to have been
satisfied..Hmmmm..Nkechi was really going to
spoil,no,kill me today….

We went straight to the bed as i la!d down with
my Greatman standing at ease…Nkechi first came
and sat on top of it,but didnt allow it penetrate
her..She rubbed it with her Asss as it stimulated
her(while i gasped in pain)..She immediately
allowed the Greatman to Penetrate her and
started riding me hard…She rode me and
bleeped me and bleeped me like hell…That was
her best Position i guess,because she seems to be
the perfect Expert in it….At this time,i had
already Gased out,so i just la!d down as Nkechi
bleeped wasnt long before i started getting
that s£nsat!on again….it was getting high and
higher as Nkechi fuccked..Nkechi on her Own has
started shouting and has reached orgasm time
and time again….

We later changed position and she now la!d
down,and i was on top of her..We started
bleeping again till i told Nkechi i was feeling a
particular s£nsat!on..She now sort of tightened
her laps,which in turn tightened her
GreatEntrance and squeezing my Greatman in
the Process…That was it…i releasedd a watery
something,i wouldnt say it is is
not…Maybe,it is a premature Pour or
something..Nkechi held me closer and sq££zed
me to herself as she felt the watery stuff…She
said i had been hoping you would do that for a
long time……

I just la!d there on her body,as i made her a
promise that i will come again..I later got
up,dressed up and told her i was living..She said
she hoped that i would sleep over…She knew i
wont,so she didnt start persuading me..

The time was now around 8:15pm or so…Thanks
to my Bicycle,i reached our house before
8:30pm..When i reached,i saw my Uncle
impatiently waiting for me With a long Cain in his
hands..i wanted to Run out again,but i just
decided to embrace What awaits

When i entered the house,with my
uncle holding a cane/stick,i greeted him..He has
not been around for sometime now,and so
coming back and waiting for me with a cane in
his hands got me terrified…

He replied my greeting and asked me where i was
coming from….I lied that i was coming from Block
Rosary…He didnt seem perturbed,as if where i
was coming from wasnt his business…It got me
wondering…I had braced up myself for the heavy
lashing,but i guess i was disapointed…As i got to
know Later,he was using the Cane to chuke a rat
that ran into a hole…..hmmmm…That was an
xpensive joke,i guess…..My thoughts were “why
did he not throw the cane away”…Well i was
relieved anyway………

The next day was a saturday,and so we went to
farm…When we came back from the farm,Akunna
was already in our house(though she was
outside),waiting for me…I was surprised
shaa….After we unloaded the Cassava tubers that
we had harvested,Akunna helped us to peel it
and then Subsequently grind it When the
Grinders were passing by…It was towards 5pm or
so that we became free,after lunch had been
taken and i had taken my bath….i was fully
loaded(moneywise),So i told them am going
out,and will from there escort Akunna Back

Seriously,i had forgotten about Akunna and
whatever was developing between us as kids
then..Being so much attached to older people
made me loose interest and deal less with Akunna
or even Ukachi or any other person of my age
then…well,what could i do? It was not in my
power to stop it….

So,as i carried Akunna in my Bicycle,she
immediately told me that “odii,ichefuchala nu m..i
nazikwa abia uyo anyi,i nazikwa aju kpa m ri..o
dikwa mma o!”(odii,u have totally forgotten
me..You dont come to our house anymore,you
dont ask about me anymore…its not fair)…I told
her that,it is not that i have forgetten her,its just
that i have been too busy since…i told
her,”ngwanu leenu taa,o kwa i huru time nji di
free”(Look at today,look at the time i was finally
free)…i told her that i was planning to come
tomorow to their house,but since she came
today,there was no need…She bought into my
tale-tale stories..i guess she Loved me too like the

I Took her to a sort of village mini-
restaurant,Where Pepper Soup and related food
(s) are sold…We stayed there and enjoyed
ourselves as we ate Pepper Soup with Lots of
Meat inside,and drank minerals,Fanta to be
precise…..After eating there,we went and bought
Yam and fried fish..It was really a delicacy
then..Akunna kept Thanking me and thanking me
as i bought it for her…After the whole buying and
eating and enjoying,Akunna decided to go..I
asked her if she will come again,she answered in
Affirmative as she entered the bike i flanked down
and paid for……

When i was coming back with my bike after
Akunna had gone,i wanted to branch in Amara
them their house..But many thoughts filled my
head…It was getting dark,and if i should go
there,they will tell me to stay for the night….Also,i
had promised Amara i will be coming in the
weekends,and i wouldnt want to break it..but
then,Today was saturday,2moro will be sunday
(which is alwaz a busy day for me)..Also the
thought of Amara herself,the thought of my
grandma who i didnt tell,and the thought of my
uncle were there too……Hmmmmmm…All this
things filled my head as i lackadaisically by-
passed the road to their house,and journeyed to
mine….Amara can wait,i guess

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