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Must Read: I Have Done Some Great Bad Things - Season 1 - Episode 40
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Nothing eventful happened the following
week, xcept for the fact that i began school and
re-united with some old friends and foes
alike…..Towards the weekend,i went To Amara’s
house…When an opportunity came,we bleeped or
rather,we did a quickie……..On saturday,Akunna
came as she promised,and we didnt get any luck
to fucck,so it was all chatting and Plays through

The Term kept going as Akunna finally got into
my Life again,and we started staying together
more than before..We would go to places
together,do chores together,play together,read
together,and some people even termed us “di na
nwunye”(husband and wife)…I Didnt care
anyway…Being too close to Akunna didnt stop my
illicit affair with Amara…if anything self,it acted as
a cover…Unlike the earlier days When Nkiru
travelled newly,Amara do sleep over sometimes
this days…And You and i knows what it

It wasnt long before the 2nd term came to an
end as Easter was fast approaching…On the day
we closed(friday),our report cards was given,i
came first as usual,And Akunna 2nd…I later told
Akunna to come on that saturday morning…She
was like,ah ah! You normally go to farm on
Saturdays na with your grandma and blessing? I
told her not to worry…Everytime i came first,The
following week is usually a free week for
me..So,the truth is,i will be around on Saturday
Seriously,it has been long since me and Akunna
had bleeped(Thanks to Amara&co),and i guess

that was what was creating the attraction

The next day,Akunna came as she promised and
was very happy to see me,as i was
too…Everybody has gone out(farm) xcept me…I
welcomed her in as we went straight to the
Parlour..immediately we sat down,Nepa brought
light…WOWW! “o wu ginwa wetara oku
a,Akunna!”(You are the one who brought this
light,Akunna),i said childishly…She was glad,and
simply told me to look at her colour na,that her
Colour brings light….Well,to be sincere,Akunna is
a very very fair pretty girl…I simply laughed at
that her comment and went and Put on the
tv…They were doing Kiddies Show…i went Back
and sat near Akunna as we started talking…It
wasnt long before my Greatman arose,much to
my Surprise! Hmmmm…What the heck made my
Greatman arise was the thought that filled my
thought…I wanted to hide it,but Akunna saw it
immediately… she just stared at it and kept

Nothing surprises me again easily those
days,especially,the periods after i had started my
bleeping with older people..So,it wasnt a surprise
to me when Akunna stared at my Greatman and
kept quiet…But then,what got me wondering was
the fact that we didnt even speak dirty nor bad
thing nor speak about a subject matter that could
easily cause the Greatman to
rise…hmmmmm…this my thing self! Dont put me
in trouble o!

All this things were running through my mind
while i stared at the tv(even though i wasnt
seeing anything)…Well,it takes a silence to make
sound..isnt life wonderful? “kedu ihe i na
echekwanu odii?”(what are you waiting for
odii?),was the next thing i heard Akunna say…I
smiled..I didnt even know how to start handling
Akunna on that Sofa as she sat there..She is still
10 or 11yrs old,and she doesnt have big br*ast
yet,xcept a tiny groundnut-like mound..She
doesnt have a big asss,and she is not there
yet…Infact,Akunna was Raw…it made me
remember the likes of Nkiru,Amara

I told her to wait that am coming..I immediately
went and checked if the door was locked,and
came back..I told her to follow me to my
room,she did…Immediately we entered,i told her
to remove her dress..She did,as i undid mine
too..i told her to lie down straight and open her
legs a bit wide,which she did and i came on top
her{hmmmmm..i was now in charge of the
bleeping session,unlike When am with Nkiru
them}…Akunna’s GreatEntrance was
tight..infact,it was too tight,but i just forced my
Greatman into her as she yelled…Maybe i was too
stupidd then to have realised that a little pre-
intimacy might have helped moisten up her
GreatEntrance..It didnt matter anyway,cuz when
i started ramming in and out,the tightness
reduced and i rammed more easily and
freely..What Akunna kept doing was try to hold
me or to push me off her whenever i rammed in
harder,and she kept doing that sssss! Sound…I
didnt care as i continued fuccking her in that

After some point,i stopped..I guess my weight
was becoming heavier for her to carry amidst my
thrusting…I came off on her,and sat beside
her..She looked at me,and i gave her a nod to
climb on top me..She did..I helped my Greatman
into her GreatEntrance in that sitting position as i
bleeped her…I felt my GreatMan penetrated her
very deep and she choked a bit,as i started
rotating her on top of me..This caused great
s£nsat!ons in me as i wished we would just
continue in that Manner for eternity…After some
long Thrusting,she finally said she is tired…..Well
that was Great..I felt Great as i asked her what
she would love me to do for her…She first came
off on top me,and smiled slyly…”M choro ka anyi
na eme ihe a mgbe o bula”{I want us to be doing
this regularly!}…To say i was surprised was an
understatement…What is it self with me and Girls
and s*x?……………………

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