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Must Read: I Have Done Some Great Bad Things - Season 1 - Episode 41
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That same saturday,towards evening time
after Akunna had gone,i went to Nkechi’s
house…As usual,we had a hot bleeping session…I
had told My Grandma that i will go to Amara’s
house and may sleep over there..She had told me
there is no problem,but that i should remember
to come back early the next day for
Mass..Hmmm..that was the privileges i get when i
come 1st each term.

So,after that hot fucck with Nkechi,i went straight
to Amara’s house…After greeting and all that,i
told them i came 1st again in school..They were
all happy and proud of me..Amara’s mum even
remarked that she wish she had a girl child of my
age,so that we would both marry….This people
self..Everybody keeps talking of me marrying and
Marrying at age 10…thats awful…

As i xpected,Amara bleeped me in the night of
that day cuz i slept over in their house……

The period was now Easter,and people were
braced up for it..Its even a pity that people
{christians} tend to celebrate Christmas a
lot,more than Easter…Easter was when the actual
salvation was done..Talking of Salvation,i think i
really need saving..With the way my life was
going then,i was one of the front seaters with a
straight ticket to hell,if anything had happened to
my life any moment then….The Lenty Periods has
a way of making you feel the need to atone for
your sins and delightfully do your
penance…hmmmm..Easter and its parodies

Before Easter came,me and Collins has started
setting traps in the bush to catch animals…We

set the ones for Grasscutters,Okwa,(Guinea Fowl
or bush fowl rather),Ogazi(The bush Turkey)…We
set all of them in a bush very far from our home
enroute Amakabo(Eunans place)… I even bought
that cage trap that can trap any animal that has
the size of Mgbada…We also strategically placed

Throughout that week that we set those
traps,nothing happened..Even,the animals will
come there,eat the foods on the trap,poo there
and go there way without the trap catching
them…The ones that the trap had managed to
catch do release themselves after a
struggle..Some of the time,the animals will
intentionally release the traps…How they did that
got us wondering…Hmmmm…Maybe we havent
been doing it well i later told Collins..It was as if
we were now setting food for the silly animals to
come and was very annoying..The most
annoying part is that,some of our mates who also
do set traps are catching animals daily…At some
point self,we started thinking that someone was
behind the whole thing..As in,its not just possible
that all those Traps cant just trap one
animal…Even if it is Odu(bushrat/rabbit)..But
then,considering that Stealing was a capital
offence in my village,and that it is forbidden with
a curse, to steal an animal caught in another
persons trap,It increased Our Wondering….

Imagine our Surprise then when we went to
check our traps on that Easter Week in the early
hours of the day and saw A man happily and
delightfully humming and taking the Animals our
trap has Caught..Collins Was Mad as he rushed at
The Man while i followed behind immediately..To
our starz that day,because,before the Man could
realise he is been caught,Collins has hit him very
hard in the Back with a Wood he was
carrying…Thank Our starz again,The man was not
with any weapon…Collins hit him again as he
turned and shouted of Pain as he bent
down…Immediately he looked up and i guess he
has realised what was happening,He attempted
to Run…Unfortunately for him,i crossed out my
legs and he hit it as he fell to the ground and hit
his Laps at a Chopped out stick..Gush! It
penetrated his laps halfway as the Man started
Wailing in pain..Chai!! “So,o wu ginwa na abia
ezushi anu anyi kemgbe eshi okwa ya..okwa
ya”(So,you are the one who has been stealing our
animals since,Abi,abi.)..Collins was really enraged
and was not even caring whether the Man was
reeling in pain or not as he made to hit him
again,which i blocked,as i calmed him down…I
told him to leave the Man,he has recieved enough
pains already and we now have our caught
animals back today…Collins wasnt pleased as he
tore out the Mans cloth and used it to tie him
very stiff and firm in his hands and legs(Even
James Bond cant untie that one)…

We collected the animals..Three
Grasscutters,4guinea fowls,and one Ewita with
smiles and happiness….So this is what this man
has been doing,i said….The Whole Avu Must hear
this one..

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