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Must Read: I Have Done Some Great Bad Things - Season 1 - Episode 42
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The bush that this incident happened
in is a very far one like i said before..From my
House to the place will take you upto 20mins if
You are riding a bicycle…Its that kind of Bush
were you can kill someone,bury the person
there,and till thy kingdom come,Nobody will
find the persons corpse..It can either be
dubbed that a wild animal has eaten such a
person after a wild search or That The person
has Disappeared and didnt want to be
found…Hmmmm..What if this Person we just
caught was unfortunate and had been caught
by older people,or even an enemy?….That could
have been instant Lynching,with death to follow
immediately,i guess..

The man started begging us to let him go,to
free him,that he will repent and make
atonement…He kept begging us,telling us
about his family and children..To God who
made me,i hate being in a position where
someone would be begging me…I just dont like
being begged,i am alwaz compassionate and
saw “pity” gets to me easily..But Collins
wasnt feeling the same way..He wanted us to
leave that man there and go,so that he could
deal with Wild animals in that state he
was…Gush! The man was bleeding
seriously,and i couldnt stand that site
anymore..I went to him,untied him and told
him,”ndaa,lawa..mana emekwala ihe a
ozo..legodu ihe i mere onwe gi ugbu
a”(Uncle,please go,but dont do this again..Look
at What you did to Yourself now),i said,being
sori 4 him..He thanked me and ran away as
Collins la!d Curse after Curse on him as he ran
away without even remembering he had a deep

cut in his laps..That was a lesson of life for

As We happily carried our Bounty and started
preparing to go,Collins said i should have left
that Man there..This was Easter bro,Atonement
is still the Theme i guess,and i had unknowingly
did that..We later talked of How We will share
the Meat..We shared it all equally and Mounted
it all in our respective bicycles as we rode
home….When i reached home,My Grandma and
Uncle and Blessing were All delighted as they
Praised me and all that…Meanwhile,Collins has
told me to Take two Grasscutters,While he took
a Grasscutter and the Ewita…I hid the Ewita
anyway as i had planned to Take it To Amara
them..We already had Enough Ourselves…..

Later in that day,i took The Meat to them as
they thanked Me and said i have saved them
The Money and Strenght of Searching and
buying Easter Meat….On a very Normal
Day,Amara and Me could have bleeped…But
This period wasnt..I Guess Amara was just
Allowing the Easter Period to Pass,and with its
Holiness too…But,Somebody like Nkechi doesnt
Obey such rules as i remembered..She is alwaz
Ready.On my own part,i felt sexx-starved..It
was as if all my Life has now come to depend on
it.So,i decided to Pay Nkechi a surprise visit the
next day,even though i was now fully aware of
the consequences of my actions…hmmmm..

I wish she will be at home.

When i reached Nkechi’s house,she
wasnt around as i feared,but i decided to wait
around a bit,relying on hope….i had waited for
1hr+ Before Nkechi finally showed up…But,she
wasnt alone…She came back with a female
friend…This her friend was really Pretty ,and
both of them smiled at me,i smiled back…I told
Nkechi that i have been waiting for her
since,and she immediately apologised for
keeping me waiting…I said no Problem…As we
all entered her house,Nkechi offered us drinks
and We chilled ourselves up with it..It wasnt
Long before we Started discussing,and i knew
sooner or Later,they were going to start Talking
dirty with the way they both relaxed and
laughed at unmeaningful things and rubbing
my laps or ears or smirking my head….I even
started thinking that Nkechi has told Her friend
about me,i guess thats why she was relaxed
and spoke things that shouldnt be said in Front
of a kid like me…I am Lucky i guess..But one
thing that i had promised not to do again as a
kid is to Bleep two people at a time..I was
already afraid in the middle of that our
discussion that they both might decide to
Fucck with me,which i didnt want..I only Had it
in mind to come and recieve a mature Bleep
from Nkechi..But then,this two hot mature
tempting and Wayward Girls were
terrifying..Nkechi was Hot already,but adding
another of her type to her means Hell on Earth
to any person they might handle..God forbid
that it should be a kid like me……

Whether they planned it or not,i didnt
know..But Nkechi has said she wants to go and
buy something outside,That she is coming
Immediately…This was also what she did that
day With Amara!!….She left us,as her friend
stood up immediately and told me that she
needed Sexx,and she needed it quickly…I
Guess she didnt want Nkechi to
know…hmmmm..but then,it got me
wondering…How can Nkechi leave me alone
with Her friend,as she fully knows my history
with Older People…..odi egwu o
I told the girl that what if Nkechi should come
back and catch us both..She said i shouldnt
worry about Nkechi…i hesitantly told her my
Fears about the type of human being Nkechi
is,But she just waved it off and held me in the
hand back to the chair/sofa they were sitting
on…The girl was really desperate and she must
have been thinking through her wett and
moistened GreatEntrance instead of her brain,i

Since we didnt have time,The girl just pulled up
her Skirt instead of Removing it,and brought
down her Shimi(undies) a bit to her laps…She
now told me to enter her immediately…At this
point,my Greatman has stood fully at ease,but
was still inside my Trouser,but was
bulging…So,i simply went closer to her,brought
down my trouser a bit and my Greatman came
out,to which the girl helped Penetrate
her…Unlike the tightness in Akunna’s
GreatEntrance,This one wasnt tight,infact it was
running freewheel…Whether it was Wettness
that caused it or Whether the girl had a wide
hole,i didnt know..Anyway,i didnt care to
Know..I fully know very well that my Greatman
wasnt big enough to satisfy her likes,but
Whatever they saw in it anyway…..

I started Pressing forward and backward in my
attempt to succesfully thrust the gal…She kept
pulling and Holding me tightly with her
hands…I thrusted her as she came to the tip of
the sofa and pressed me firmly to herself as i
stood up myself and bleeped her…I started to
gasp as the girl herself didnt show any sign of
pleasure in her face…She wanted to get
enough of me,but it eluded her,i guess…i now
decided to be Ramming her hard…Instead of
Ramming in straight through her vaginal tract,i
rammed it sideways to her vaginal walls…I
guess this started getting to her as i could see
an xpression of “you are now getting it
right”,boldly written on her face as she
grinned…She even started m0an!ng,and i
rammed harder and harder and harder…I later
stopped,told her to stand up and stay in a
dogggie style position and hold the Sofa for
Support..She did…

As i wanted to Penetrate her from behind,i
mistakenly looked at her GreatEntrance…damn!
It was ugly..too damn ugly,and i closed my eyez
as i held her waist with my hands and
Penetrated her…Immediately The the Greatman
was Inside her,She started going back and front
as i held her waist firmly with my Greatman still
deeply inside her…She has really started feeling
it this time when i said,”Chere”{wait},i said…”o
dika anuru m olu Nkechi”{is like i heard
Nkechi’s voice}…I immediately removed my
Greatman from her body and went straight and
peeped through the Window(though it was
closed),and saw Nkechi…I whispered to the girl
to Dress up immediately ,which she did and i
arranged the Sofa as it was before…I had also
unlocked the door,so that it wouldnt be seen
that we had locked it to do bad
thing…Immediately we both Relaxed on the
chairs we were before,Nkechi barged

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