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Must Read: I Have Done Some Great Bad Things - Season 1 - Episode 43
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Nkechi looked at us suspiciously,and i
now asked her where she actually went and i
have been waiting here since for her..I said that
i would have gone had not your friend told me
to wait a bit more…I guess that eased her heart
a bit as she said she went to buy some things
that she will be cooking rice with…There was
still enough time,and so she said i should wait
for her to cook so that we all could eat…..

She went to the kitchen,while Her friend Who
her Name is Ukamaka,and me stayed behind in
the Parlour…She brought out “Whot” and we
started playing…She whispered to me that she
would love me to visit her on Friday(i guess that
was a good friday or so)..I told her my Church
involvement will make it difficult for me to make
it that day…But she insisted pleadingly…I guess
they were catholics too,and she reasoned that
her Parents and other siblings will not be
around towards the evening time of that
friday…Wow!!…I later promised her that i will
come,and asked her what she will keep for
me..She whispered that i should come first…We
continued playing the Whot as Nkechi now
Announced that she is through with the
cooking and has brought out food for us to
eat….She put it separately,as we helped
ourselves to the hot food with the chilled drinks
she brought about…We were through with
eating around 1p.m or thereabout….Nkechi
said she is going to take her bath,as Ukamaka
said she will bath together with her….So i was
left Alone in the Parlour…

After about 15-20mins,i started wondering why

they are not yet out of the bathroom…So,i
decided to go and check out things…Maybe i
should have called out Nkechi’s name to
know,but i didnt..I Sneakingly went to the
bathroom and peeped through a tiny opening i
saw there…To my surprise,i saw two of them
delightfully romancing and feeling
theirselves…Ukamaka’s back was pressed
against the wall as her juicy and Subtle
succulent br*ast popped out,fully errect and
Nkechi devoured them and sU-Cked them…I
wasnt really seeing everything,but i saw
Nkechi’s hand move from Ukamaka’s
Navel,down to her GreatEntrance,and she used
two fingers of hers to slid in,and started
rubbing around there…This made Ukamaka
start m0an!ng loudly..Nkechi now pressed
herself against Ukamaka as their br*ast jammed
each other,and they started kissing each other
and caressing each others body as they
m0aned seductively…

At this time,My Greatman Has stood fully,and i
was so carried Away in their Act..I Started
imagining things,but as a kid then,i didnt know
What it means to be a bisexual nor What
l£sb!anism is…So i was really carried away in my
thoughts that i didnt even Know When One Of
them opened the door and saw me Standing
there,With my Greatman bulging out of my

It was like a Nollywood movie that
moment..If not for the fact that i was a sexx
material to the Likes of Nkechi them,what could
have happened that minute in time could have
eluded me..Even though i was been caught
peeping,i feared the worst as i thought of the
possibility that the two of them might decide
that i Bleep them there and then…I hoped not

“Nwa ojoo a,kedu ihe inyotere?”{This bad
boy,What have you been peeping and
seen?},Nkechi asked me smilingly …Nkechi was
a mature girl,i noticed…Her question was a
rhetorical one,as she didnt seem to be eager to
hear me or whatever crap or lie i wanted to
input in..”Ebe inyochala,ngwanu ka anyi ga
mee nke anyi!”{Since you have finished
peeping and seeing,okay,lets go and do what
you saw},she said without even caring whether
Her friend was there or not,nor whether i would
want to or not…The Moment i had been Afraid
of!…I Was hoping that Nkechi will somehow
close the scene that i just created and
Somehow make Her friend leave,so that we
would both Fucck our heads out….I had also
wished that Ukamaka herself will find an excuse
and go,but she just remained there,as if glued
to the ground..Chai!! Look at what i had caused
to my Self due to Childish inquisitiveness…If
this had been my earlier days of Sexx,i would
have wanted it,but now,i didnt want it…And
the worst part is that,i cant lift myself or find
the willpower to resist…..

I followed them to Nkechi’s room like a sheep
being taken to the Slaughterhouse,to be
slaughtered…It was fun i was going to have,so
Why am i even feeling as if i didnt actually need
it..I remember that the only time i had had a
party is with Maci and Uchechi,my two
cousins…And i recalled that it was fun
throughout…But then,Why is the prospect and
now to be Another party with Nkechi and Her
Friend Ukamaka making me feel afraid…Why
am i afraid? I had to be afraid o..This were two
Pornnstarz as i would rightly say..I am a
kid…They have been there,but even with all my
Sexcapades,i was still Raw,and untapped…I
guess this is what All of them found in me..I
was untapped…And i was alwaz submisive and
couldnt Ejaculatte easily…..

We entered the room as they Both Went
Unclad…Oboy!! Standing before me were two
grown up mature girls with sweet
physique,sweet feminine features,br*asts fully
at ease as if noone has touched it before,their
waist to their toes were figure-eightly carved
out like that of a Mammywater as seen in
Pictures and Movies,needless to Say that their
backbehind can be compared to a big mound
like a ridge…We are going to give you the Bleep
of your life were all i percieved written on their
face as they both Rubbed An oily ointment on
their whole body.Well i braced myself up and
decided to Give them the little i could offer

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