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Must Read: I Have Done Some Great Bad Things - Season 1 - Episode 44
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Ukamaka immediately pushed off
herself from my Greatman as she said we
should get going to the room,and reminded me
that we will continue our own private bleeping
session on Friday when i visit her…

Both of us entered the room while my
Greatman was still fully activated,probably,from
the impromptu jerking off of Ukamaka..Nkechi
herself was sitting at the edge of the sofa in the
room,with her two legs widely spread
apart..This was a pure straight invitation which i
didnt reject..Meanwhile,Ukamaka had dressed
up and told us she was going,which reali
surprised Nkechi..If she was not in the mood
and highly activated,she would have suspected
foul play…hmmmm..Thank God she was
thinking through Her GreatEntrance and not
her brain…

I really got a clear and precise view of Nkechi’s was cleanly shaven,and it was
nice and beautiful..To every normal guy,you
couldnt afford to Miss such a Thingy..With my
still Erectt Greatman,i walked on Straight to
where Nkechi was sitting at the edge of the
chair and inserted my Greatman into her was holey..She was too too
too damn fuccking Wett..So,Nkechi tried
closing her legs a bit so that i couldnt feel her
holeness much..I now started Pounding her
more and more and harder as i could..She held
me in my waist with her hands,used her two
legs to intercross with my laps,which made her
to hold me tightly and firmly,causing me to
Struggle with my was as if she
didnt want me to thrust her again,as if she just

wanted my fully activated Greatman inside of
her so that she will continue squeezing
me,which will cause more deep
Penetration…Mind you,she was m0an!ng loudly
and heavily in a seductive way as she did all
this..On my own part,even though i felt pain
sometimes,i was really enjoying the
was really causing pleasurable s£nsat!on in me..

I somehow started Thrusting Nkechi harder
even with her tight grip on me…I pounded her
heavily and hardly that she screamed and just
pushed me off her immediately..With that Force
that she used to Push me off,i landed on the
bed with double rebound,and before i could get
myself,Nkechi was on top of me,Slid my
Greatman inside her GreatEntrance and started
pushing up and down on top me…This
happened for about 2mins before i turned her
over and came on top her with my Greatman
still inside..At this juncture ladies and
gentlemen,Nkechi was in the Heavens..I bet she
was even seeing God..She was like
mad,because she just couldnt see any of my
body part to hold on to as i pounded her and
pounded and pounded,while she yelled and
screamed and twisted up and down on the
bed..I Almost laughed…I pounded harder,as
she started calling me names and still m0an!ng
delightfully.. I didnt give her Chance…

She immediately sat up..We both sat,but her
legs were ontop mine,and she drew closer as
we started Pushing front and back..Nkechi held
me firmly as we started sweating profusely but
still continued Fuccking..hmmmm…Nkechi was
an addict..Even though she was screaming her
head out as i pounded her,she wouldnt let me
go..Instead she even tightened her
GreatEntrance and Pressed me closer to

We were still in that position,when i started
squeezing her Breastt which sent further thrills
as she held me tightly and didnt allow me
thrust her again…We just sat there,with my
Greatman still inside her,and my hands
squeezing her Breastt and nippple…Next Thing
i knew,Nkechi just freed me,and got off the bed
immediately and ran straight to the
Shower…hmmmm…i followed suit…”O kwa
today,o wu mu na gi”{it is me and you today},i

Immediately i opened the door of the
bathroom as i followed Nkechi,she has already
turned on the shower on,and it was running on
her body..I walked up to her,and hugged her as
my Greatman pressed against her Laps…She
didnt even do anything,instead,She just bent
over and i rammed in from behind…The water
splattered on us profusely,making the sound of
my Pounding to be kwa kwa kwa kwa kwa kwa!
Nkechi started helping out with the pounding
as she shoved her bum bum back and
forth,while i now held her waist and bleeped
on…I dont Know how long we bleeped in that
manner,but it was really long…Nkechi later said
she is realy been satisfied,while i have gotten
tired myself…We now got off of each
other,stood up,held ourselves like two young
lovers,but damn!My head was just reaching
Nkechi’s Shoulders…She held me tightly to
herself as the Water splashed on us

After i left Nkechi’s house,i mounted on my
bicycle and rode was around 5pm or
thereabout…As i reached the Entrance to our
home,i saw many boys carrying Cutlass and
some others carrying clubs..To say i was
terrified was an understatement..I Stopped
immediately,and saw Eunan standing
Somewhere..I walked up to him and asked him
what was happening…He said that there were
two Great Snakes on rampage..The two snakes
were in the Small bush-like farm in our
Compound Entrance..According to him,Some
boys tried to Enter their and pursue one
out,but the Black snake chased them
out..So,everybody was now waiting
around,hoping it will crawl out…hmmmmm…i
hated snakes..and i still hate them..It made me
remember the day i killed one in our Farm..

That day,i was Plucking Corn When i saw the Snake..

i stayed put,and it crawled and was about
entering a hole when i rushed up immediately
to it and slashed it into two with our mma oge
(CUTLASS)..Half of its body fell into the
hole,while the other half la!d outside..When i
came closer and peeped at the half body,i
noticed it is that snake that imitates a rooster/
fowl while crowing..Suits you!…

I joined in the waiting around For the snake
(s) wasnt Long before we noticed that an
Eagle was hovering over around the
Bush…Everybody concluded that the snake(s)
must surely come out…At first,we thought the
Eagle was a kite,but When it flew down with
Great speed and dived into the bush and went
up,we all saw it was an Eagle…I thought Eagles
werent suppose to be in our part of the
country…hmmmm…As the eagle flew up and
hovered again above,we noticed some
movements in the Bush and next thing we saw
was a huge Black Mamba,heavily wounded and
struggling to run accross the Road,into the
opposite Bush with a better cover…The funny
Thing is,none of the whole guys carrying
weapon dared to rush up to it and finish it off…

As the snake was about crossing the Road,the
eagle came again with a full speed and Chuked
the snake with both her claws and Beak…I
Guess that was Enough to silence the [email protected]
snake…it struggled for a few seconds and
died..But why didnt the Eagle take it with it as
it flew away? (Science students should anwer
this one).. I Dont and still dont
Know..Everybody was happy with what the
Eagle did…hmmmm..they have even forgotten
that there were two snakes..Where there even
actually two snakes?Last i checked,snakes dont
move in packs or duo’s..Maybe,they must have
mistaken the Black Mamba’s power to that of
Two snakes…Village people!..

I carried my Bicycle and walked with it to my
house,where i noticed that one of my Aunt’s
came home.

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