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Must Read: I Have Done Some Great Bad Things - Season 1 - Episode 45
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The following day,me and Collins went to check
our trap again..We mounted our bicycle,and
when we crossed Eunans house,he said to join
us,we agreed..The three of us rode on for about
15mins or so,amidst chatting on our previous
encounter with the thief and blah blah blah
blah blah…

We were like just 30secs from the trap area
when we heard an animal struggling to get
free…We stopped and decided to go and hit the
animal to death with our Matchette’s..O boy!

We saw that the animal it caught was a huge
wild pig,and immediately the pig saw us,it used
all its strenght to break free of the trap,and
rushed on at us..Damn! We all ran,mounted on
our bicycle,and rode away in full speed..The silly
pig chased us with all its might and speed and
strenght or so we thought..Ordinarily,we werent
supposed to be running away from the pig.It
was supposed to be running from us..People
had already filled our ears and mind with the
idea that wild pigs eat People and stuffs like

If you see the speed at which we rode that
day,you will laugh till ur belly turns..The more
funnier thing is the fact that the pig was not
even chasing us..Our fears was chasing
us..When we realised that the pig had ran off to
the bush nearby,We stopped and went back to
the trap,to check our other caught us
two Grasscutters which has struggled
themselves to death,and one guinea fowl…One
thing i shared in common with collins is
generosity,so as we were about going back
home,we mutually agreed to give Eunan the

Guinea Fowl to have for himself,and then we
rode home…..

This my Aunt that came home is the only
person in the whole wide world who can cage
me in the house amongst other of my
relations..Its not usually easy for me whenever
she is around..I was delighted when i came
back home that day with my Grasscutter and
she happily hugged me and praised me for
bringing back such a big
Grasscutter…hmmmmm…I wondered what
could have happened if i didnt come back with
the bounty..I guess i would have recieved it hot
that morning…After eating and relaxing myself
in the Parlour amidst chats with my Aunt,i
retired to my room..As i la!d there on my bed,i
envisioned how my Easter will be like..I thought
of how i am going to use Church activities of
Good friday as an excuse for leaving the
house..I imagined how my meeting with
Ukamaka will be..I thought of Amara
too…hmmmmm..Amara has been doing “holier
than thou” for me since this ending part of the
Lenty wa o..I thought of How my
Easter sunday will be too..I have so many
places to visit that day,including Akunna..I also
remembered that Amara said we will be
revisiting her Uncle in Owerri municipal that
day..Hope i can fulfill all this visits and be at
peace i had thought….

THe next day was good friday,and so the mood
was mournful..Our Good dear Jesus Christ will
be crucified that day,so no frivolities for a any
good xtian that day…As evening came,i went
out in the disguise of Going for Good Friday
Celebrations..But dear readers, my Destination
waz to Umuocham,Ukamaka’s

I Rode on in my bicycle majestically
and happily as i went to Ukamaka’s place..After
7mins or so,i arrived..I Knocked on their gate
and i heard Ukamaka shout “onye”(who?) as
she approached..i kept Mute..She shouted
“onye” again angrily as she opened the gate
and saw me..Her mood immediately changed to
a happy one…”oh odii.amadim na owu gi”{oh
odii.I didnt even know it will be you}.. I smiled
and kept mute..In my mind,what i kept
visualizing was how our Bleeping session will
be..I looked up at Ukamaka and she was all
smiles too…hmmmm,whatever was making her
smile…I Guess we were thinking the same

We went straight to their parlour..Meanwhile,i
managed to look around as we walked on,and
Ukamaka’s parents were really living in
affluence..His father built a magnificient
Mansion,but in a Bungalow form..

Ukamaka asked me what she will offer me,and i
said anything as i started feeling very cold..

I didnt even know there was sumthing called
“AIR CONDITIONER” was this dat was
making me feel cold,and so when Ukamaka
brought me a chilled mineral,i barely drank
it..We chatted as i chipped in that i was getting
cold,to which Ukamaka started laughing
uncontrollably @.She said in that case,we dont
have time to waste,that we should go on with
why i came there..Just incase u have
forgotten,Ukamaka’s people all went for Good
friday celebration,and so the house was empty
xcept for Ukamaka because of our pre-planned

I wanted to jump on Her there and then,but
she said no,that i should follow her..i did..We
went to her room,She undressed and told me to
do same..i did..She said i should follow her
again as she went to their bathroom..i did..

As we entered their bathroom,i couldnt help but
notice that their Bathroom was beautifuly
tiled,and u could even stay there and
eat,sleep,sit and gist…It was just sweetly
done…Ukamaka immediately turned on the
shower,and it started running and she brought
me closer to herself as my Greatman was now
fully errect..i noticed that her breastt were fully
errect too…As she pressed me close to her body
just as we faced ourselves,my Greatman now
pressed against her sent thrills..She held
me closer to herself and rubbed herself harder
on my Greatman..This caused her to tighten
her grip on me,and i somehow started moving
my hands..My left hand went to her bum
bum,my righthand went to her Breastt and i
started squeezing both of them
simultaneously..We were still standing up,right
on the spot the shower flowed
splattered on us..We continued our firm-
gripped hot romance while we stood up
there..Ukamaka had started using her hand to
rub my Greatman as she bent lower this
time,which now infringed our romance..i didnt
allow that for a longtime,as i just asked her if
she could sU-Ck my Greatman..She said No,and
reminded me of how i had rejected to lick
hers..i smiled,and she immediately turned her
back on me,faced the wall where the shower
was affixed,held it,bent down a bit to the
position that my Greatman can penetrate,and
told me,”ebea ka anyi kwusiri na nke
Nkechi”(This is where we stopped at Nkechi’s
house)..i didnt need any other call to enter
her..I used my hands to hold her waist and
then Penetrated her Holey GreatEntrance..i told
her to close her legs a bit,so that my
penetration will be harder..she obeyed..i started
ramming her in that manner with all my might
and Power..the shower splattered on
us..Ukamaka herself didnt even know When she
released her tightened leg as i pounded her
with full might..She is a mad girl..She started
m0an!ng loudly in pleasure…Well thank God
nobody will hear her anyway..I continued
pounding her hard in that way till she
unconsciously& maybe out of uncontrolled
pleasure)left her grip of the wall,which made
her push me backward with her Asss and i
landed on the wall with my Back,with a gbim
Sound…Jesus!,Was the word i heard from her
mouth as she immediately turned to see if i had
hit my head on the wall..i could see fear in her
eyes the way she looked at me and was
checking on me to make sure i was not
hurt…hmmm..i told her i was okay,and she said
we should go to the room and continue..I
Smiled wickedly and reeled in pain internally..

I pushed her to the bed as she fell and wanted
to say that i never to cease to surprise
her,when i came on top her immediately,la!d
down flat on her as she spread her leg a bit to
allow me penetrate her..She immediately
guided my Greatman into her GreatEntrance
and i started pushing up,down,front,back and
sideways..She crossed her two legs over me as i
pounded her and she kept telling me that i am
hitting it right,that i should hit more..hmmm..i
obliged her and hit more,and she m0aned
louder more..This lasted for long before we
changed position..she now was on top me as
she rode me uncontrollably while we both
groaned loudly…We bleeped like dis til i said we
should go to their Parlour and Continue..She

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