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Must Read: I Have Done Some Great Bad Things - Season 1 - Episode 46
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We went to their parlour,and my Greatman was
still rockstand…When we reached,she sat at the
edge of the sofa,and spread her leg a bit
wide,allowing me to penetrate her in that
manner..i did it while still standing up,and
started thrusting her slowly and without any
tempo whatsoever..I continued in this manner
and slowly started increasing my tempo and
speed..Ukamaka was begining to m0an softly at
this time,and she placed her hands on my
shoulders..This didnt last long,cuz i jerked off
my Greatman from her GreatEntrance..I told
her to stand up while i sit down,and then she
can sit on my laps..She was like,odii,dont u
know am more heavier than you? I laughed,and
told her that i can carry her..She obeyed
me,and sat in my Laps while my Greatman
penetrated her immediately in that sofa..She
started riding me..Even though i was reeling in
a little pain from her weight,but it felt good..As
Ukamaka bounced up and down on me,her
Breastt did the was funny..i started
tickling with her breastt…This made her shiver
a bit,i didnt care,so i continued..Ukamaka still
continued riding me,and i bent down my
face,even though it was dificult in that position,i
started sU-Cking her breastt as she rode me.She

We continued bleeping in this manner,before
Ukamaka said we should revert to the previous
style,i.e,that she will sit at the edge of the
chair,open her legs a bit,and then i will
penetrate..i obeyed..But this time,as i
penetrated her,i started off on a high
tempo,which sent thrills to her body…I

pounded and pounded and pounded her as she
started m0an!ng loudly and pleasuringly..I
continued pounding her faster and with speed
When Ukamaka Unconsciously pushed me off
her,like she did in the bathroom..But this time
around ladies and Gentleman,I fell back and
slipped,and the next thing i could remember
was that My head hit on their tiled floor with a
Heavy Thud,and blood gushed

I have seen people being afraid,but the
type of horrified and frightened that Ukamaka
became as i fell was pityful..I guess she must
have been thinking that she has killed me and
stuffs like that..Meanwhile,on my own,i was in a
state of oblivion,cuz i know i fainted from that
fall,and so was ignorant of whatever happened
after i fell..

Whatever Ukamaka did to revive me have
worked and when i opened my eyez,i saw Her
still Unclad and in tearz,with a first aid Box lying
there..i saw GV and wool,i guess she used it to
clean the blood that was coming out from my
head…It was a pity,the girl must have cried her
eyez out cuz her eyez were now red from
tearz..I cant remember how long i had
fainted,but at least it shouldnt have passed
20mins…I also noticed that she had cleaned
out the blood that gushed out from my
head,and covered my Unclad body on the floor
with a rapper after she must have put on my
short and trouser on me..

As i tried getting up,i felt a sharp pain in my
head,but i still managed to get up with
Ukamaka helping me out..i jokingly asked if she
thought i was dead? She didnt say anything,as
she just brought me close to herself and
hugged me Passionately while crying
happily…She told me that i died..She said that i
just la!d there lifeless in the past 30mins while
she watched helplessly,and she thought she
had killed me…hmmmmm…its funny
shaa….That i died a$ she said was a funny
thing o..It was fainting,and i think it was upto
15mins,but i guess it was her fears that
heightened the time and whatever thought she
had…..But whatever,i was happy i came back
from that state of oblivion…

That was how my bleeping session with
Ukamaka turned into a weeping session…Maybe
i should have seen it coming..Or maybe,my
childish nature couldnt decipher such things as
Premonition,and worst of it all,it was on a good
Friday..Maybe i should have followed in Amara’s
footsteps and waited till Easter was over before i
started again…But,i couldnt..The truth is,i was
becoming a s*x addict more than i could even
admit or imagine…If not,why couldnt i just stay
for that 2weeks without sexx?
If i had been an adult as i am now,i
would have read too many meanings into the
incident that happened in Ukamaka’s
house…But,as at then,i didnt really see
anything wrong in what happened to me..I took
it as one of those things that happen,that it was
just a mistake..I even blamed myself for slipping
off and smashing my head..I even questioned
my Long time self-acclaimed Stance on having
Stamina as i boasted occassionally with..It was
really funny how i thought then shaa…

When i reached our home that day,i simply
went to my room, la!d down,and slept
off..Around 8p.m,my Grandma came and woke
me up to eat,but noticed that i was hot and
getting hotter,and weak..My Grandma
immediately went and prepared some herbs
that night,boiled it and helped me bath with
it…I couldnt really tell her what was happening
to me,and i didnt want her to suspect
anything,so i played along to my own
detriment…It was just a case of treating the
wrong ailment..If i tell her that my head was
aching me,she would probably have found out
that i bruised my head,and so questions will
arise…Thats alwaz the situations i alwaz

The next day,i was surprised that Amara and
Ukamaka came to visit me…I was more afraid
more than i was happy to see Amara..I started
thinking of the fact that Ukamaka had told
Amara about what happened..But,on a second
thought,i refuted the idea..Ukamaka cant be so
silly as to xpose our little secret to Amara…But
then,how did Ukamaka come to know of
Amara? Maybe they are classmates,or maybe
They knew through Nkechi…But whatever it
was,i was happy that Amara was there..i had
really missed Amara badly,and it seems that
she radiated more beautifully that Saturday
Afternoon as they visited me in our

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