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Must Read: I Have Done Some Great Bad Things - Season 1 - Episode 47
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Amara,me and Ukamaka engaged in chats as i
la!d in my sick bed..Amara was too worried
about my situation and she wished she could
stay back,but it wasnt possible for her this time
due to certain household
engagements..Ukamaka even though happy
that am alive,was still tormented by the fact
that she caused my condition through over

As they kept talking and rattling on,i just kept
thinking of how tomorow {being Easter} will
be..If at all this my ailment didnt get better,i
was sure damned to be confined in that
bed..This is bad business for me..I Remembered
my many engagements that day,i remembered
my visits which i had promised..I remembered
Akunna,and even Amara, because she had told
me previously that we will go to that her uncle’s
place in Owerri municipal..Even the fact that i
la!d in that bed worried me a lot than the head
smashing i did…i really had worse thoughts
that moment,and i hate being sick or being
confined to one place then..That was the
Predicament i found myself in…..

After staying for a while and wishing me to get
well,Amara and Ukamaka left,and Ukamaka
gave me 500naira which surprised Amara,but
she didnt care anyway..Thank God she didnt
know why…Towards nighttime that day,the
whole thing escalated..I had to be rushed to the
Health Centre in Our Village for a better
treatment..But then,they were still treating the
wrong thing,and i still refused to tell Exactly
what was wrong with me..By the next day
being the Easter Sunday,i was almost at dying

point and was moved to a Better hospital in
Owerri Municipal{i think it should be FMC-
Federal Medical Centre}..I just couldnt bear the
thought of me dying at that age in time…God! I
even remembered one of my classmates who
had died in the 1st term of our Primary 4..I
started Praying to Our Blessed Mother Mary and
Jesus to help me out in my situation…I know
that my Sexcapades was the only Sin{s} i
commited,but as at that time,i wasnt feeling a
guilty conscience about it..So,i didnt bother
about forgiveness for it{what a foool i was}..

I even concluded that if i die,that Our Mother
Mary will come and take me to Heaven as i
heard learnt about those who are faithful and
follow in her devotion….

As my mind wandered in all these thoughts
while i lay in that hospital bed,a Constant voice
kept telling me to confide in the doctor what
happened to me..I was afraid to do that,but the
voice just couldnt let me be..It kept disturbing
me till i acepted to tell the doctor the next day
{not that it stopped as i acepted }..By this time
my dear readers,your dear storyteller cant even
raise his limbs or arms up..I was purely
dying..The truth is,i was having internal
bleeding in my head,and some other things
that i was too young to tell..The Nigerian Doctor
saw this after i had told him what is actually the
problem with me…And so within minutes,i saw
a White doctor and they both spoke in pure
medical terms that i couldnt decifer,and the
next thing,a nurse entered and she injected me
after using the syringe to extract a liquid from
one bottled container she was holding..After her
injection,everything became blurred and before
i could say my name,i had fallen

When i woke up,i didnt know what
they had done to me while i la!d there asleep..I
didnt bother to Know..I later got to Know that it
was now Wednesday..God! What really
happened? I still didnt care to know..Some
people who were close to us have even started
to visit me,but i guess the nurse on duty had
told them i didnt need disturbance…

While other people stayed in their various
homes and enjoyed their Easter and Eastertide
holidays,there i la!d in the hospital,weak,Sick
and could have died…hmmmmm…I stayed in
that hospital for almost two weeks more as part
of their recuperation program for me to get
strong and fit before i will be allowed to go
home…While i remained there,the nurse
assigned to me took a liking to me..She started
showing me too much care,tending to my every
need,telling me stories and praying for me to
get well soon…The nurse was a young girl of
Nkiru’s age i guess..She wasnt all that prety like
Amara nor Nkiru nor Akunna,but she was really
really okay..She was also richly endowed with
physical attributes,but i cannot start describing
them..She strokes my ear most times,touches
my body in a romancing manner anytime she is
checking my body temperature will alwaz blink
his eyez for me in a s*xy** manner…..On further
interactions with her,i noticed that she is from
my Place too{but it was her maternal home
anyway}…She even promised to visit me
sometimes after i have been discharged..It
made me even more happy..Everything the
nurse did for me,she did it to make me
happy..Well,then,i didnt know that being happy
helps to accelerate a persons healing
process,but the nurse knew,and so she applied
it perfectly…Oh,by the Way,the nurse’ name is
Amara too…..

I guessed that by this time,everybody must
have known what happened to me in the village
{the sexx part not included o,cuz i didnt tell it
to the doctor}..But it surprised me to know that
what they were saying is that i was sick,and so
taken to a Hospital in Owerri municipal to be
treated…It even made sense,the doctor had
kept our chat confidential…

When i was later discharged from the
hospital,the nurse had already taken too much
interest in me and promised to visit the upper
week to check how i was feeling…When i
arrived at our village,school has even
started,and i guess people are wondering why i
have not started school(those who didnt know i
was sick)….Many People came to see me When i
got back from the hospital..I was really a
popular kid…Amara said she is not going back
when she came with her two friends(Ukamaka
and Nkechi)…The most happiest of them all was
my Grandma,and she entertained to people in a
joyful mood,and Amara aided her…

I dont actually recall the particular day i
returned,but,by the next day,All primary4
pupils as mobilised by madam Obi came and
visited me… was really
funny…When i saw Akunna,she looked pale,i
guess she has missed me.but due to the fact
that everybody was there,she just gave me a
hidden sweet smile and promised to visit in the

Everything went really fast,and after two weeks
of staying at home amidst constant visitation
from relations and well-wishers,i was fully
recovered and set to start school…On the night
before Amara went back to her house,we had a
very Sweet Bleeping Session,and i started
school the next day being

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