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Must Read: I Have Done Some Great Bad Things - Season 1 - Episode 48
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Amara was to go back on monday,while i was to
start school on that same monday..Therefore,i
intentionaly decided not to go to church on the
sunday before the monday i will resume..Of
course,i was still acting in the euphoria of still
getting well,but not alrite..As i expected,Amara
decided she is not going to church too..Nobody
questioned her anyway..My uncle would have
questioned her,but he was in the Choir,so,he
leaves earlier than all of us..My Grandma didnt
bother about it,but instead told Amara to look
after me while they went to
Church..hmmmmm…Grandma Grandma! Only
if she knew what was really going on!..

When everybody has left,it was now me and
Amara..After drinking Akamu{Pap} with Akara
{bean cake},we retired to my room..There in
the room,i la!d down on the bed while Amara
sat on the Chair and we told stories,and chatted
like a junior brother and an elder sister for once
in our life..After sometime,Amara joined me in
the bed,and asked me what really happened to
me..I told her the lie which she had already
heard before,and which every other person has
believed…She rebuffed it…She demanded i tell
her exactly what happened to me,that she
doesnt bliv that what she had heard could
cause me to almost die…I saw sincerity in her
as she inquired about this..I saw someone who
really cared about me rather than in whatever
answer i would give…I saw someone who has
really been suffering internally for probably the
fact that i may have died,and she wouldnt get
to see me again…I saw another Nkiru in the

making,as Amara inquired and looked too
worried…She kept stroking my ear and urging
me on to tell her the gospel truth…Chai! Poor
me! Poor Amara!

I wanted to tell her exactly what happened,but
i was afraid of the effect it would create in
her..Yeah! Even though i was a kid,i wasnt
insensitive to other peoples emotion,i alwaz feel
for others…..

I couldnt tell Amara that it was her classmate/
friend{i didnt know how Amara and Ukamaka
came to know},that put me in that position..I
know questions will arise,and finally it will all
lead back to Nkechi..I Feared such a scenario..i
hated such scenario,and i hoped to avert it by
not telling her what really happened…I didnt
actually know Nkechi quite too well,but i knew
Amara..I know what she can do..She might
create an unecesary scene because of her too
much love for me,and it will circulate the whole
village,and the truth will be xposed,and it will all
lead back to me,and peoples perspective and
opinion and respect and view about me will
automatically change…it is really hard to tell
such thing……But guess what,i was in for a
surprise..After a while of seeking for the answer
from me,Amara dropped the Big

Like i usually say,Amara and her sister
Nkiru alwaz talks to me as if i am their mate..It
wasnt also different from the way Amara talked
to me as she inquired about what happened to
me…Therefore,whenever they are around,or i
am with them,i tend to act in that manner..I
tend to be the man which they sought in

As usual,Amara came closer to me in the
bed,held me passionately and asked me
passionately with tears forming in her eyez,that
“kedu ihe m ji like a imewa ya obi?” {why do i
love to break her heart}…I was shocked,and
surprised and as i wanted to say something,she
cut me short,and continued..This time,the tears
were now rolling down slowly…She said she
already knew what happened to me..I wished to
faint again as she said this..She
continued,saying that Ukamaka told her exactly
what happened and she had promised to keep
it as a secret…The tears now flowed
ceaselessly,as she kept asking me why i do
such things at her back,and why do i keep
doing it with her friends..She kept on saying
such pitiable things in her tearz that can even
melt the heart of a heartless person, as she held
me passionately….

I would be a foool To say i was not touched by
this…I even unconsciously and unknowingly
joined her in her tearz,as i continued telling her
“ndo,ndo ndo!” {sorry,sorry,sorry!}…I didnt
know how to console her or any other way of
consolation..All my life,others have been
consoling me..Wish i was an adult then,i might
have gotten some clues…But,i didnt,so i just
allowed myself into her,and i held her
passionately and closely..She put her head in
my chest cuz i was facing upwards,and still
continued to weep passionately as she held me
closely and tightly…I must say that Amara
behaved like a typical Child who was hurt…The
way she clinged to me that day in that bed was
really touching…I told her that i will never do
such a thing a again…I promised her that i
wont disapoint her again(if i was an adult,i
could have rattled on and on)…

Whatever i said didnt have any effect
whatsoever in her,but she got relieved
somehow…She just la!d there in the bed with
me,with her whole body clinged to me and her
head rested on my chest…We just la!d
there,not talking,but in silence and Amara has
stopped weeping,and me too..I made to start
touching her nippple,but she removed my
hand…I tried to say something,but she told me
to just shut my mouth…hmmmm..I am in Big
Soup i said…I relaxed myself and resigned in
whatever attempt i had planned to do
again,and la!d there….

It wasnt long before Amara called my
name,”odii?”…i answered…She said i should
promise her that i will not do that again…I
promised…She said that my mere speaking of it
its another thing,That she needs proof…..I didnt
know what to say,but i said what came out of
my mouth immediately…”kpoo ma asi” {hate
me}…Amara was surprised when i said this…I
know in her mind she must have been thinking
of what made me to say that…Well it was
simple…I know Amara cant hate me,no matter
what…I was sure of that…I know you might be
xpressing doubts at this statement of mine,but
that is it…Such was the Love Amara had for

After promising Amara of my intended
faithfulnes and never to disapoint her again,and
even swearing in the same vain,Amara got
relieved..She knew i had passed through a
great deal,and for me to have gone to the
extent of swearing gave her an assurance..If
you can still remember,i alwaz do crazy things
whenever am around Amara,just dont know

Why still in that bed with Amara,we cuddled
each other,but i guess both of us were too
disheartened and disoriented to have sexx that
moment..It was in such cuddled Manner that i
slept off…By the time i woke up,those who went
to church were already back….

Towards the evening of the same day, my Uncle
told me that we will both be going to a wedding
in Nekede{another village in Owerri-west
L.G.A,where a Federal Polytechnic is located}..It
made me happy..Dont even know when i last
went to a wedding…After he told me that,he
went out and then Amara told me that we
should stroll out..That was my first outing since
after i came back from the
hospital..Hmmmmm..That day was fun
shaa..People,friends,foes alike and fellow kids all
greeted in a sort of thank God for you
manner,and i smiled and greeted in
return…When we came back that same
sunday,it was late…Amara helped prepare
dinner,and we all ate and had gists and all
that…Slowly,everybody started dizzying out,me
inclusive…I immediately went to my room,and
Amara followed immediately after about
15mins..I guess she was making sure that the
others has slept off before she now came in…
I was in the state between consciousness and
unconsciousness via sleeping things when she
came on to the bed…She just shifted me,and
started to romance me immediately,in a hungry brought me back..i crossed my leg over
hers and shifted closer as our body pressed
against each other…sHe started rubbing my
Greatman gently and slowly and i found my
way to her breastt..I sq££zed it gently and
caressingly and she m0aned out
seductively..We continued in this way for a long
time,before she helped me go ontop her,guided
my Greatman into her GreatEntrance and we
started our Bleeping session…

Normally,i would have been pounding and
ramming harder in that position,but i didnt…It
was more of making love..So i rammed in and
out of her gently and not too fast while still on
top her…At a point,i stopped and just la!d my
mouth on her Breastt and sU-Cked it while my
Greatman was still inside her..This really
sweetened Amara,and she just held me intact
in that manner,crossing both her two legs over
me in the same vain..After sometime,we
changed position,and she was now on top
me…After helping my Greatman into her
GreatEntrance between,she started riding me
slowly and lovingly…We did this for a long time
into the night,before we both retired to

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