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The following morning,Amara went
back to their house after promising she will be
stopping by from time to time and making me
promise to visit them regularly…I Prepared for
School and left for school..When i arrived,they
were already in the Morning Assembly..After the
National anthem and Pledge were sang and
recited respectively,We had some Prep talks
from the teacher in charge and we later retired
to our respective classes…

In class that day,all topics and dealings were
more about me..Everybody i guess,were happy
to see me…Hmmmm..So u guys do miss me
like this! It was cool anyway…Akunna was
happier..Ukachi,even though we were not like
we were before,seemed very excited and prety
Happy…I dont want to include Collins and
Eunan and Chibuike here,because they have
been around in my place many times as we
chatted and had fun all together…
During the break period,i took many of my
Classmates and went to one woman like
that,that sales Provisions and Moi-moi..I bought
for everyone and they all thanked me and we all
went to play ball at our portion of the field
assigned to us…It was then that someone came
to tell me that Madam Obi is looking for
me..hmmmmm…Madam Obi again this term!
School later dismissed and we all went home
happily…The other days passed sweetly too and
Weekend came again…It was this weekend that
the Nurse from the Hospital visited,on
Saturday…I was surprised,even though i was
happy to see her…Everybody welcomed her
warmly,especially my Grandma…As xpected,i

greeted her and she was so so happy to have
seen me kicking and very healthy…I was sent
to go and buy her a drink since none was
present at the moment..By the time i came
back,she was already engaged in a chat with
my Grandma..She was telling her of how she
took care of me and blah blah blah blah blah….

Later in the day,after she and my Grandma
must have been so nicely acquainted and have
eaten,She said she is going,and had told my
Grandma that i will follow her to her place…My
Grandma agreed without even blinking or
thinking…hmmmmm…I didnt take my bicycle
with me Cuz She said we will be taking an
Okada…We finally arrived at her place in
Umuehietta,a kindred in my village,and her
supposed Maternal home…After greeting so
many People who kept calling her “Nwa
nwa”(our Daughter’s child),We soon retired to
her place,just her Grandma was around and she
welcomed us…I even know the woman..She
was my Grandma’s friend and i have seen her
so many times in our home…She even asked
about my Grandma cuz she recognised me
too…After the whole recognisation stuff,We
both retired to the room she(the nurse) was
staying…After removing her dress in front of me
and wearing only a Bra and Tight,she went and
locked the door…I was somehow afraid..i didnt
know why…The promise i made to Amara
immediately rushed to my mind..I kept it
there,and watched on to see what the Nurse
was about…She immediately came to the seat i
was sitting on and asked me a question….Wish i
could remember that question…It was a very
funny question,and i remember that we both
laughed at that question…While still laughn,i
chipped in that it might be nice if she puts on
her Clothes…She smiled mischievously,and said
No…She held me in my hand and said i should
follow her to the bed…hmmmmm….I wasnt
entirely silly..I was like,what is just wrong with
me…Why is it i am alwaz in the position or
situation whereby this old peepz will be
xploiting me.What is it in me that creates or
gives them the impression that they should be
doing funny things with me,and dont even care
that am a kid..hmmmm..The promise i made to
Amara kept re-occuring in my mind…I prayed
that nothing funny will happen between us in
that room….But how can i not expect
something bad to happen when i wont just say
no?..when i wont just feign innocency and
rebuff the advances?..How do i not expect such
things to happen when in actual fact,i enjoy it
myself?…And whenever i am in such
situations,something must justify my ego…This
time around,as We both climbed on to the
bed,what justified my gratification was the fact
that this person was not Amara’s friend…Both
of them will neva know,and her name is Even
Amara…Isn’t it funny how we use silly things to
justify our selfish motives?

As we climbed onto the bed,i asked her without
any fear,just like Nkiru would have expected me
to, “kedu ihe ivu n’obi ugbu a?”(What is in your
mind now?)…..she looked at me,seemed
surprised,brightened up and smiled,and said
“ihe ahu ginwa vu n’obi”(The same thing you
have in your mind)
“Kee kwanu kpa ishi mara ihe m vu
n’obi”(How did you know what i have in
mind?),i said immediately..She smiled
mischievously again and immediately went for
my still to rise Greatman,and didnt say a word..I
gasped in a light painful way inbetween
mouthed breath…My Greatman came alive
immediately…”ima kwanu ma o wu ihe a ka m
vu n’obi?”(Do you know whether this is what i
had in mind?), i chipped in..She still kept mute
in her mischievous smile,and pointed her left
finger to my already Risen and rockstand
Greatman…I rushed at her,and she just allowed
herself to fall on the bed slowly and swiftly,with
me on top her…She immediately removed her
bra and i started handling with her
Breastt…Like seriously,this is the largest and
most rounded Breastt i had seen so far
then..Damn…Added to the fact that She was
fair,her nippple was black and pure…It was as if
nobody has touched it before..
While i played and fondled with her Breastt,she
rubbed and sq££zed and handled my
Greatman with an insatiable and sort of “had
been long” handling…I later started sU-Cking
Her Breastt while she la!d down and while i was
still on top..At this juncture,she just drew down
my trouser and short,and now used her two
laps to be rubbing on my Greatman…It was
great,and it made me sU-Ck harder and
lustfully…It wasnt long when the expected
happened…After probably getting herself wett
and removing her Tight,she gently guided my
Greatman into her GreatEntrance…I was still on
top of her…I started ramming her in that
supposed la!d down missionary position…I
noticed that her GreatEntrance was not
holey..Infact,it was tight…My immediate guess
was that she is not a fu-Ckalist or fu-Cklicant like
Amara them…She maybe,fu-Ckks once in a blue
moon..I happened to be on that blue moon this

Unlike Amara them,i was in charge of bleeping
an older girl this time..This nurse is not a great
fu-Ckker..Left to her,She would want us to just
stay as we were,and Bleep till we are
done…Well,i didnt like it,so i taught her some
s*x Positions Practically…She later came on top
me,and rode me gently while m0an!ng herself
out…After that,she went on all fours wich
allowed me to kneel down on the bed,penetrate
her and started pounding her…It was at this
moment that she started m0an!ng loudly in a
Shouting way…I guess her Grandma heard the
noise,and rushed immediately and [email protected] on
the door in a Knocking

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