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Must Read: I Have Done Some Great Bad Things - Season 1 - Episode 51
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“Mmaa enwe ihe o wu o…Anyi gwuga
egwuregwu”(Mama,it is nothing ..We were just
playing o),were the words that came out of The
nurse’s mouth..hmmmm..Sweet great liar,i said
in my mind….”o lee udi egwuregwu wu ihe ahu
nke wu na mmanu agi inuru nu hee?”(What
type of play is this that will not allow someone
hear word for you people?),her Grandma
retorted in a somewhat angry tone…”Mmaa jee
mewa kwanu ihe imege..Anyi aga enye gi
nsogbu ozo”(Mama go and continue what you
were doing..We wont disturb you again),The
nurse said..”Agam ji ukwum biwa uzo a mam
bia ha nga ozo”(I will use my leg and break This
door if i should come here again),her grandma
said in a joking way…Hmmmm! “Mama d
mama”..”Mma eji aga mba..Mma oma m..Mma
mma m”…..”(Mama that we can make mouth
with.My Sweet Grandma..My mother’s
mother,etc…)..This were the words The Nurse
used to Praise her Grandma,and as her
Grandma walked out of the door,we could hear
her giggling in small mouthed laughter…
Meanwhile,as the chat between Grandchild and
Grandmother went on,i was busy doing the
actual play on The nurse..I penetrated in and
out of her Gently,swifly, and calmly as she was
still on all fours,and it sent thrills which
coincided with her laughing as she was
chatting with her Grandma …When her
Grandma left,she just la!d down flat,with her
Asss and back up,while her face and Breastt
faced down…It was hard to penetrate her that
way cuz my Greatman wasnt all that big,so i
just used my Greatman to be rubbing anyhow

on her Asss,and sometimes,accidently,i touched
her GreatEntrance with it..After some
minutes,she just rolled me down from herself to
the bed,and came closer to me,causing us to
get so entangled in each other..We la!d like that
and played with each others body..As we did
this,we started making noise intermittently
which made her Grandma to shout from where
she was to us saying,”o kwa unu e bidola
ozo?”(You people has started again
right?)..”Mmaa mewe ihe imege oo”(Mama
continue with what you were doing o),The
nurse said,and i imediately slid my two right
fingers into her GreatEntrance,and Started
Fingerring her…It wasnt long before she came
on top me and started riding me hard and
faster while she now controlled her own
m0an!ng…As she rode me,she kept asking me
how i am feeling and i continued smiling at her
without saying…”U dont want to tell me now
abi,okay climb on top me” she said..i did…I
Started pounding her harder and faster as she
now begged me to pound her harder the
more,while clinging tightly to me..I obliged
her..Infact,The god of s*x entered into me that
moment and i bleeped The nurse like hell as she
la!d there while m0an!ng her head out and
calling me sweet names,and begging me not to
stop..She must have forgotten that i was a
kid..I guess her Grandma wasnt around,if
not,she would have noticed and suspected foul
deal with the way She was m0an!ng out
loud…Thank God..

It was realy sweet,fun and enjoyable to have
related with such a person sexually,and i even
never wanted it to stop…I was so damn highly
thrilled by our Illicit Act which i have never felt
before..Amara(the nurse) is really a good girl as
far as dirty Sexx time plays are concerned..We
bleeped and Played and bleeped till we both
decided we were finally done,as i la!d on top her
while My Greatman still la!d inside Her
Like i had said earlier,the year 2000,was my
year of Lamentations..It trully was…

After our dirty plays amidst our wonderful
sexcapade,The nurse brought me back to our
house…By this time,my uncle has returned
from where he went,and he urged the nurse to
stay for the night…Meanwhile,my grandma has
been urging the nurse not to go,and so my
Uncle’s plea added more fragrance to the
Urge…I was the only Person who didnt want her
to stay behind,even though i didnt know
why….After some thoughts,she agreed to stay
for the night but complained that her Grandma
will be damn worried…

That night,after we were through with
Eating,my Uncle engaged her in a long night
talk with me,Blessing and Grandma
around,although i wasnt talking and thank God
for the Light,i watched tv,but was still listening
unconcernedly with what they were
saying…Nothing much,they talked about
me,about her and her people,and her work,and
us and stuffs like that…At some point,after they
were done with their talks my Uncle went to his
room,but not after telling us how we will sleep
for the night..I opted to sleep in the Parlour so
that the nurse can sleep in my own
room….Everybody loved the idea,and so they all
went back to their respective rooms to
sleep,after i have directed her to my room….

I came back to the parlour and continued
watching the tv program that aired live..

After about 30mins or so,when everywhere were now
calm,i sneaked into my room…I didnt expect
Amara(the nurse) to be awake,but i was
surprise to hear her whisper,”I have been
waiting for you since”,as i climbed onto the
bed…Damn…I was hoping to come and start
playing with her Magnificient breastt while she
slept…Well,we clinged to each other,and
avoiding to make noise in the process while we
started our dirty plays again…Since we la!d
down,it wasnt hard to find our lips,and so Lady
nurse gave me an Oral drilling..At least,she was
a perfect kisser,i finally said…As our lips
interlocked together,we caressed whatever part
our hands could grab…As usual,the hands will
alwaz seek out the most sensitive part,and this
time around was not excluded…

As my hands went for her GreatEntrance,her’s
went for my Greatman..While he sq££zed it
gently and swiftly,i stroked her cl!t smoothly
and searchingly..I could feel her let out small
sighs in between our tongues as she held me
closer with her other free hand while squeezing
my Greatman simultaneously…It felt great….We
did this for a long time,till i went for her Breastt
with my mouth,and sU-Ckked her,while she was
now rubbing my Greatman in a Masturbative
manner..Before i could say jack,i had climbed
on top her,and she gently used her hand to slid
my Greatman into Her GreatEntrance
immediately amidst a Big ssss§ sound,and the
rest is History…….

The following day,after eating,The nurse went
home after telling us she will be visiting from
time to time,to check on us…Meanwhile,my
Uncle had told me previously that we are going
to Nekede today for a wedding,so i just
prepared and wore my best attire,an up and
down designers Jeans,wit a canvass and my
face cap coupled with my black Sunglass..I
must have really looked very cute that day in
my outlook,that even my Uncle acknowledged
it…After he was through with his own
dressing,he came out and was prety damn
sharp…Only for a wedding?..hmmmmm..He
brought out his motorcycle,and after cleaning
it,he told my Grandma that we were going..She
wished us safe journey and reminded him to
bring back wedding things for them,and he
smiled..I mounted on the motorbike,and My
uncle drove off,and the destination is

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