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We arrived at the
place,Nekede,after a long drive…It seems my
Uncle was popular around there cuz so many
people seemed to be calling him by his
name,and he was also greeting too many
people..We arrived on time,and the couple were
about going to Church,and my Uncle would be
amongst the Groom’s men…The guy that was
wedding is his very gøod friend i guess…As they
were about going to Church,my Uncle told me
to stay with certain people in that house,and
make myself at home….

Many People have come for the wedding,both
those who were there to aid in one activity/
arrangement or cooking or the palaver’s
associated with preparation of a wedding
ceremony…As i later got to know,the
refreshment and all that will be held in a Field
somewhere around that place,but the kind of
People that trooped in and out of the house
were overwhelming..hmmmmm.Wedding tinz

I was not the only kid around,but i was the
most distinctive kid around,thanks to my
attire…As i sat there on a wooden
chair,somewhere close to the entrance of the
gate,i noticed that some people started telling
kids like me to go or rather,come and stay
where i was,and quit disturbing them…it wasnt
long before upto 7kids joined me there..Their
language and mine are not all that the
same,but it wasnt hard understanding
them..Seems some knew themselves while
others didnt..As we all were there,chatting
intermitently,it wasnt long b4 we started
playing around the house,and the mothers

there will just shout at us,scold us or threaten
to punish us..Other mothers will just
laugh,telling the one’s who were threatening us
to leave the children alone let them enjoy,that
today is a celebratory day..Like two kids,whom
their mum were amongst those in charge of the
preparation of the food,will sneak in with rice
and meat and drinks,and we will all devour the
whole thing….All this things made me not to
feel like a stranger in that place,and the kids
were realy friendly…

Later in the day,the people that went to Mass
with the couple came back,and people shouted
in a rejoiceful manner,congratulating the couple
and blah blah blah blah blah….Orders were
being barked here and there,finishing touches
put to everything already being done,as Coolers
were packed into The car taking them to the
Reception Venue…Drinks were packed too,and
we all watched..I was standing there watching
when my Uncle tapped me at the back and
calling my name,telling me to follow him..I
waved a goodbye to the Other kids and we
entered in my Uncle’s bike,and he joined in the
entourage that followed the couple to the
Reception centre in a School Field not too

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