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Must Read: I Have Done Some Great Bad Things - Season 1 - Episode 53
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By the time we arrived there at the
reception,many people were already seated and
waiting for the Bride and
Groom…Hmmmm…The people incharge of the
decoration of the place really did a great
Job…My Uncle and i sat amongst the crowd in a
canopy,despite the fact that he was invited to
the high table….Prayers were said,introductory
speeches made,the couple were ushered in and
the Next activities started falling into place
slowly…Sitting besides us in that canopy was a
certain woman and her relations(they all looked
familiar,thats why i said they were
related)..There was also a Girl amongst
them..She wasnt my mate,but she looked like
one,even seemed older than me…As a matter of
fact,she caught my interest,and i didnt know
what to do about it…I Would occassionaly steal
a glance at her and she would just blink in
disgust..It was as if i disgust and irritate
her,…Hmmmm..first time in History a girl did
that to me then…I didnt feel anything shaa,as
the wedding was reaching an overwhelming
point here,and before we knew it,the MC said
the Couples should kiss in front of everyone
present there…Hmmmmmmm…It didnt End
there,cuz the MC devised his own means of
their kissing..According to him,a meat will be
put to the Brides Mouth with half of it coming
out,and so the Groom will now use his own
mouth to take the meat away from her
mouth….Interesting…Everybody looked on in
awe,and the Groom did as was told and
thunderous claps arose out of nowhere just as
two of them kept entangled in their marital

lovely kiss…Hmmmm…It made some memories
to rush into my mind,and i glanced at the girl
sitting by me,she was gone…When i looked up
again at the couple,people had already started
throwing money at them,and they continued
kissing till the MC Intervened..When i looked at
that chair again,the girl was back,with that
woman….fastword to the ending part of the
ceremony,and people have now dropped their
respective gifts and eaten and drank to their
full…Some even took rice home from there…It
was then that i reminded my Uncle of what my
Grandma had told him…He said i Neva 4get
things as we both laughed…We couldnt join the
people in that reception venue to hoard rice,so
we drove back to the Grooms house,and my
Uncle made a special request,and Rice,with
Chicken was put for him in a nylon(No Big flask
around),and we carried it,as we drove back
home after some Parting words…..I had
thought that that will be the last i will see that
girl at the wedding and her Aunty,but it wasnt
so…But that was in 2002 anyway…..

We arrived very late that day,cuz my Uncle’s
bike broke down on the road,and so fixing the
problem took a lot of time…By the time we got
back,it was already half past nine in the
night,and my Grandma,Blessing and Amara
were all sitting out there,worried and waiting for
us…You should have seen the sign of relief on
their face when they saw us…I was even
surprised that Amara was
there…Hmmmmm..Amara! They immediately
took the nylon from us and happily went to
enjoy the food…Why do everybody love a
wedding rice?…I know they have eaten,but
they still ate that rice to half,and almost
finished the whole meat…Wish i hid some
meat..My uncle was too tired to talk that
night,so he just retired to his room after taking
his bath…I havent yet cultivated that culture of
bathing every night,so i just retired to my
room,being tired myself….After their Women-
folks chat,Amara joined me in my room,and i
immediately reminded her that am weak and
tired….”nke ahu gbasara gi odii..kedu ihe mere
iji ibiahu n’uyo anyi echi?”(Thats your
business..Why didnt u come to our house
yestaday?),she said,As she started caressing me
hungrily…”m ga etikwa mkpu o “(i will shout
o),i said…and she said,”Taa,leenu gi odii na iti
mkpu”(See You,see shouting!)…and i couldnt
help but laugh a bit….

Amara bleeped me that night to her
satisfaction,and later left the room,to the
parlour i guess…The next morning,she left very
early while i prepared for school…My uncle
dropped me off in our school when i was
through,and told me that he will get me a new
ride(bicycle),as he drove off to work..I became
visibly excited and happy….In school that
day,things were lively and fun,and during the
break period,Collins told me that there is a new
adventure that has

In my village,it is assumed that every boy is a
natural born hunter..I dont know why shaa,but
that was the way it is(dont know of other
places)..Maybe they believe it is a sort of rite of
passage,that every child must hunt
sometimes,or probably join in the night snail-
collection..Of course,not every parents agrees of
this,and consequently,they dont allow their
children participate…Its just optional,and only
the stubborn or hardcore kids do them…The
Reason is this,the hunt itself is a dangerous
one,though not all that dangerous as you would

The Adventure Collins told me we were going to
Embark on is the normal Hunting done by
people,though it wasnt normal to us…But why
it looked special is that we were not hunting for
normal animals like Grasscutters,etcetera
etcetera,but it was for “Edi
Abali”(Wolf)..Yes,wolves!…Now,forget about
whatever you must have heard or read or
watched in the movies,Wolves are not all that
dangerous as they are being
portrayed..Infact,wolves are fools…A lone wolf is
just like any other dog…I remember a time
When Whisky(Nedu’s family dog) wounded
one,probably in a fight,and it died days after
and was smelling all over the place…Why i
called wolves fools is their insistence in hunting
for domestic animals…Most of them never
survive it..I remember when it came to eat up
Puppy( Uchechi’s family dog),from whence it
was badly matchetted badly by Uchechi’s
father as it ran away,and am sure it wont
survive it…You should fear a police Hound more
than a Wolf…(But am not saying that you
should go out and start looking for Wolves
o…OYO thingz)…

Collins,me,Eunan,Chibuike were the People
going for this adventure..All of us know the
posible location where we can locate the
wolves,but what we feared is for them not to be
in Packs..We never knew wolves go in Packs
then,till a hunter said so a certain
time…Normally,when a Wolf sees a human
being,it will run away and howl at the same
time,probably calling for help or sending signal
of Danger being around,to the Other
Wolves,and so you shouldnt allow urself be seen
first by a wolf…..We never even dared to Tell
anybody about our supposed plan or silly
mission cuz we know we wont be allowed to
proceed further…We wanted to Kill a Wolf,and
so we waited patiently throughout the
weekdays,waiting for Saturday to come,so that
we will embark on our little adventure…

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