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Must Read: Just Wedded… - Season 1 - Episode 21
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Mr.Ayo: Boy! Do not act out of anger for you will make mistakes, did she commit adultery? Did she kill somebody? Why are you over reacting? Just because she is acting as a woman that she is?

Every Woman will behave the way she did especially at this stage of marriage, they are yet to fully come to terms with the fact that they belong to a new family now with a person a little older than them as their head. They forget that the game has changed from Courtship to marriage, they forget that the drum beat has changed and so must the dance steps! You need to help them with a gradual induction into the new world! What do you plan to do now?

Charles: Induction Sir! What about me? Who will induct me? I will first of all send her back to her father’s house since she prefers there to my House! I will change the Lock and key to my House so she cannot come back in my absence!

Mr.Ayo: And after that what next?
Charles: How? “What next” as how? I don’t understand!
Mr.Ayo: From the way you are charging I thought you were going to do something more drastic! Listen Charley you are a good Guy and from what you have decided to I am more convinced that you will make a good husband, some men would have thought of wanting to beat up the woman and throwing her luggage out of the house.

Charles: No sir! I cannot beat up a woman let alone the one I married, but I just need space maybe that would make the two of us re think about the entire marriage thing.

Mr.Ayo: Decapitating the head is not the cure to a headache or migraine. Now, you said she did not come home as she promised in the morning and has refused to pick your calls all day?

Charles: yes sir! Can you beat that? My Battery has run down twice and I have had to recharge it in the office here! How can a woman be so inconsiderate?

Mr. Ayo: Is it in her character not to pick your calls? Even when you quarrel?

Charles: No sir! This is the first time she is doing it and I swear it will be her last!

Mr.Ayo: Easy Boy! Can’t you see you are getting it wrong? Are you not allowing anger to blind your judgment here?

Charles: How Oga?

Mr.Ayo: if I were you, I would be scared of her safety first instead of being angry. Your wife told you she will be home in the morning, she did not come as expected, and she has been incommunicado till this afternoon! Can’t you see something is wrong? As you could not get her who else did you call in her family at least to be sure she is not there anymore? Did you call any of her family members?

Charles: No Sir! I actually did not think of that sir!

Mr.Ayo: What about if she had left very early in the morning and something has happened to her on her way back home? Do you think the Family or the Police will not hold you liable for not raising necessary alarm when you should?

Charles: Ye! Mogbe! (Am done for) Oga you are trying to turn this thing against me o! (He begins to fumble with his phone) Let me call the younger Brother first, ha God! What kind of thing is this nah?


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