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Love and Asset - Season 1 - Episode 4
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“Thank you very much my Chief sir ”Saka greeted him

“And this is also for you” the chief faces Alano and hand some cash to him also

“Thank you very much Sir” Alano replied excitingly

After that the Chief went out from their workshop and went back to car

After the Chief went Alano hurriedly went to meet Saka in the shop
“Why don’t you let me talk to that Chief that i can do the driver’s work” Alano asked sadly as he watching Saka who was tighting the car battery of one his Customers car

“Were you not the one that was asking me who was that man as if he were a thief” Saka replied without even looking up to concentrate on Alano

“Ehn i know buh when the driver’s issue came up,you should have let me talk to him( the chief) by myself” Alano asked Saka in a challenging way

“Guy you can see that we are still working,when we get home,we will talk about it” Saka answered him as he walked out of the shop to fix the car battery to its car………

After the day’s work when they got home At around 9pm in the evening in their room,Alano and his friend were found discussing

“Alano,are you sure that you can do the job” saka asked him again

“You asking me again,how many times will i tell you that i can do it,or do you like the way you were the one feeding me all these while?” Alano asked him as his face was showing signs that *i want to cry*

‘No now,i’m just asking in assurance,you know maybe you may think that it is a dirty job”
Saka said as he was trying to prove innocenty

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