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Silence graced the whole class as the teacher was busy writing something down on the chalkboard

” is the act of sending and receiving information between two or more people.. The information conveyed can include facts, ideas, concepts, opinions, beliefs, attitudes, instructions and even emotions…

But The importance of communication cannot be overstated. ”

“Our ability to communicate with one another effectively is one of the primary reasons civilization can exist. We can’t effectively work together towards a common task or goal if we can’t communicate. We can’t preserve and spread knowledge without a way to communicate it.”

“excuse me Mr Wright..”
marvel said raising his hand.

“yes marvel” replied Mr Wright
“According to your explanation. It’s clear that only humans and animals of the same race can only communicate with each other..what about human who communicate with animals? ”

“Body language is the only form of nonverbal communication that humans can use to send messages to animals . You can often tell if your boss is pleased or upset simply by looking at his facial expressions, posture and gestures. For example, a flushed face may mean embarrassment; a clinched fist may indicate anger; and the rolling of one’s eyes may signal disbelief or annoyance.

Importance.. By this means, man can communicate with other species ”
Mr Wright explained

“but sir, what about if someone could hear clearly from animals and other species? ” marvel asked

“that’s impossible.. As far as I am concerned, humans and animals can’t perform a verbal communication ” Mr Wright object

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