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Must Read: Memoirs Of Dying And Living… - Season 1 - Episode 155
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Chido blanked and asked “do we know who did it, one of us?” Ben replied “Chido, that’s the problem. Boneface swears he didn’t and it wasn’t me”.

There was silence till Cynthia cleared her throat and replied “em, some of my girls had a shoot out with the attackers in the garage. It looks like they came to either get him or kill him cos they executed him immediately they realised they won’t be able to take him alive”.

Chido replied, “this has gotten outa hand. So much deaths. So much blood” . Ben replied “…and it won’t get better only worse”. But then again Chido couldn’t understand the feeling down his spine or why he felt a terrible apprehension that not all was well.
They continued talking till Boneface arrived around evening. They now tabled every stuff, every shred of information they had.

Every detail. It spoke volumes but still incomprehensible.

As they were still trying to make headway of the details, Cynthia murmured “all roads lead to warri”.

Boneface asked her “hmm, what do u mean?”

She replied “that’s what flashray told me. He said, to know the truth of Ibinabo’s strength.
All roads lead to warri”.

She replied “that’s what flashray told me. He said, to know the truth of Ibinabo’s strength. All roads lead to warri”.

Ben looks at her, then at Chido and Boneface and asked “why warri, who does Ibinabo know in warri that we also know?”
They all replied at the same time “Madam Bumni”.

Ben commented “..this tallies with what blacksoul said, that madam Bunmi was a diabolical two-sided runz-woman.

Chido asked[B] “is it possible that Ibinabo had met her?”
Boneface replied “its probable but am sure blacksoul knew her cos when I once was with them we visited her. No, am sure Ibinabo has met her”.

Chido then asked what they all seemed scared to ask “does that mean we will have to go to warri to get answers?”

When no one answered Chido continued “hope u guys know warri would be a trap. He will know by now that we will head for warri to question madam Bunmi and he will prepare”. No one spoke.

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