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She was almost nak.ed. She had this piece of
cloth that barely covered her braless br;
and a g-string [email protected], every other part of her
body was clotheless. She saw panick in my eyes
and the first think she said was. He has gone
out with his girl friend. When she said this; i
didnt know the next thing to say or do. I know i
dont have enough willpower to over this girl.

I smiled and told her to sit down that i want to
tell her something. She said nope. That she isnt
sitting down. That the only time her body will
touch that bed will be when my bongosikwe will
be inside her sakwashi puting & taking in
pleasure. I couldnt help but laugh. She said
baby i have missed ur pleasure stick, it seems
that u are running away from me. I said, how
could u say such a thing? Why would i be
running away from u? I am not just u know that
chigo is back and we are family. If it is
discovered it will be very bad to our name and
image. She said she know. I then ask her, if u
know why then do u keep wanting us to do it
even now that chigo is back. She shocked me
when she said. Knowing something is onething
but believing that that thing is that bad is
another. As far as am concerned what we are
doing is not bad at all as long as i dont take in.

It is only when i take in and abort that it would
be a very bad thing. (my brain shouted… I don
die here oh!!!) I was so shocked to hear this
from her. After saying that. She pulled me up
and we went to her room…am in a very deep
poo..if una no know…

When we got into her room the whole thing ws

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