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I checked my time to see 12:02am..there is still time..

Lola’s dad: you must be Unclad when carrying these sacrifices..I will follow you and lead the shouldn’t worry about only doing this for you because I heard from kudirat how good you always treats her..

Me: thank you sir..

Kudirat: let me follow you..

Lola’s dad: you can’t my daughter..its too dangerous..

Kudirat: there are things I failed to tell you about us dad..jason is my lover..I can’t let him out all alone..if he dies then I can’t live..please..

*after stopping kudirat from going but she rufuses and I also did not want to leave her behind,,we accepted to let her follow us*..
We all know the journey might be dangerous and we might not even come back alive..this journey determines my fate..if its sucessful then I no longer have problems and will never make thesame mistake again but if its be it
Though I will still be regretting in my after life

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