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Must Read: My Sexiography… - Season 1 - Episode 62
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Later that night, I got a call from Antonia, we spoke for like 5 minutes then she asked my permission to conference the call with her friends, Joyce and Wemi. I gave her the go ahead, the girls came on and we exchanged pleasantries. After which we talked about what happened the previous day. It was a lively call, we joked and laughed at each other and the girls said some very naughty things that got my J0yst!ck very hard. These girls were indeed very crazy.

Next day, Antonia sent me a text to meet them outside the library. I did and from there, they took me to Joyce’s house, a very big mansion at GRA area in Benin. Getting there, I was kinda scared as the only [email protected] of the house was a gateman who opened the gate for us.

“Where is every one?”
I asked Joyce.

“It’s just me, my parents travelled outside the country” she replied.

“Wait o, you mean you stay in this big house all alone?” I asked.

“Nooo, I do stay with Wemi at her house, sometimes I stay over at Antonia’s house”
“Hmmmm, I for say”

The house was indeed very big and I noticed a swimming pool at one end covered with a tarpaulin material, I think. Joyce unlocked the door to the main house with a bunch of keys which she brought out from her bag and like a good host, she welcomed us into her humble abode. No be only humble abode I thought looking around the rich display of wealth.

She led us to her room. Her room was also richly designed with a huge, wide bed in one corner. The bed was exactly the one in the video and most of the pics I saw. Gentleman that I am, I pulled out a chair and sat down and pretended to be reading a novel that I picked up on her reading table. The girls suddenly disappear, I raised up my head from the novel I was reading to see that the girls were no longer in the room. I called out to them and I heard Joyce shouting from somewhere. They were in the bathroom.
Then Wemi shouted out, that I can come join them if I like. I couldn’t believe my ears so I stayed back. After like a minute, the door to Joyce room opened and Wemi came in without a single clothes on, she was stark neked, her b0s0m were much bigger than I thought, her pucci was shaved clean and a small cupid tattoo was tattooed very close to her pucci lips. Wemi got hold of my hand and dragged me towards the bathroom. Everything was like a dream to me, I just couldn’t believed this was happening.

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