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Must Read: Soul in Tears  - Season 1 - Episode 11
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Kwadjo Boateng got home very down. He felt life had not been fair to him and his mother. The more he thought of Clara, the more he got mad at the man who raped his mother and denied doing so. He felt a strong urge to look for him and tell him a piece of his mind. Whiles he was busy contemplating on where and how to see his father, his mother walked in from work.

‘my dearest child, why are you home?. I hope there is no problem’ Maame Adwoa frowned. The young man smiled at his confused mother.

‘no mother, there is no problem. Sorry for not calling to inform you that we have vacated’ he hugged her.

‘mother, I have to show you something you would love to see’ he said and dipped his hands into his bag.

His mother stood on her grounds staring at him. He brought out some papers and handed it to the mother. Maame Adwoa went through the papers and was very delighted.

‘I knew God was on your side. Thanks for making me proud. Continue learning hard’

‘mother, God will punish me if I don’t study. I have to work harder to get better grades than this. I will do exactly so. Your suffering and pain will never be in vain. I promise’…
Maame Adwoa hugged her son. She was grateful to God for given her such a wonderful and a wise son. ‘have you eaten my dear’ Kwadjo was okay but there was no way he was going reject his mother’s cooking. It was one thing he can never resist. He gave her a negative answer and the woman dashed to the kitchen.

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