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Must Read: The adventure of idris
About Story
Story is written by: Mustapha Idris aka MUSTY


This is a story about a poor farmer who lived at the mercy of the gods. Because of his poverty, he was called bad names by the villagers. Zaki as the farmer was called never gave up despite everyone including his brothers have turned their back on him. Soon enough, things took a drastic change when their village was attacked by dragons. Aziz village always encounter dragon attack every 16 yrs and the turn out of things would be disastrous. After saving a young dragon, he was made rich but soon enough, he was killed by the dragon and every thing was taken away from him. His fortune was destroyed, his wife killed and little daughter adopted.

His son idris was very angry at the turn out of things and made a vow to kill the dragons and bring justice back to Aziz village.

This is an action filled story that can be read by everyone. It also includes some magical creatures and characters…

Read and enjoy