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The invisible and tiny bugs sU-Cked the men dry. More especially, the floor irritated their skins. They were restless.

For Benedict, he wanted to believe it was a dream as he tried to adjust his shirt and boxer, but the pain under his left leg reminded him he was in the last place he wished for. ' It was supposed to be the last hit 'he kept on reminding himself since the night he got confined to a police cell. ' Benny see what you caused'

The keys to the cell door gave a metalic cry as the IPO stood gloriously in his shirt and jeans . Ben wondered if he was here to remind them of the court threat or make his usual comments' when are your people coming? Its another day yet nobody is here to make bail'

Ben folded himself into the corner where he had been for five days. An act done to accommodate other seven inmates. He wondered if some of them enjoyed the dungeon with two hefty guys sleeping on the thirty year -old German floor. He knew this place of peril used to be an estate for government workers. ' It was probably the store room' according to biggy_ a fellow inmate_ the building now mutated into a place for soul and body torture.

Nothing felt or smelt right. Ben could tell the disgust on IPO Matthews face as the man squinted his nose.

Ben had lost any sense of smell. He was practically stinking more than a dead pig unlike when he was fresh meat for the inmates, five days ago when he arrived with John.

' John ' the officer called out .

' Yes sir' john said and sprang up with hope.

Ben knew that John was elated to be called in such situations.

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