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Doyin was in tears on her knees begging Roland…

Doyin: Please I’m sorry, I will change my ways. Please don’t leave me, please I beg you.

Roland: Don’t touch me, stop it… I’m sorry, we just can’t continue, we are not compatible

Doyin: Haaa!

Roland: I’ve found someone else, I’m now living a new life, old things are passed away.

Doyin: How can you do this to me, what have I done? So you were lying to me before?

Roland: Lie?

Doyin: Yes (burst into tears)… You deceived me, you made me abort that baby just to get rid of me
Roland’s conscience pricks him…

Roland: Isn’t it better?

Doyin: Better? Roland you ruined my life, now you want to leave me for another girl. It is now I’m now a bad influence to you, after several abortions.

Roland: Oh please, old things are passed away.

Doyin: Oh my God…

Roland: See, come and be leaving… Your no longer welcome

Doyin: It’s me Doyin (crying bitterly)

Roland: Stand up and be going abeg
Roland eventually threw her out of his room…

Doyin was immensely heartbroken and sad.

She couldn’t bear the shame, cos her friends had warned her about her relationship, she even has a tattoo in his name. She cried sorrowfully, she was betrayed. Her friends sympathizing with her…

In Doyin’s room… Embattled Doyin pacing up and down, smoking and crying

Friend 1: Babe, it’s okay… Just calm down, you just have to forget about him and move on

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