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 - Season 2 - Episode 14
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we got to the bus all players already arrived and it seem it was us they are waiting for,, the couch smiled immediately he saw us and ordered all the student to board the bus,, i greeted all the players and entered,, i got seated at the first back roll seat of the bus,, followed by sam and captain of the team,, i looked at the driver seat, he was already seated ready to kick the bus off,, by his side was amina and miss ade seating at the front passenger seat,, discussing,, they both looked at me and smiled, i smiled back and then i begin dey wonder how they got so close,
i dont really understand the journey to st johns which seems unending,, because i was busy thinking on how todays match will be,, i didn’t even know when we got to st johns,, st johns is boys school,, they have very nice environment,, and very handsome guys,, their pitch is well organized like stadium and they even have that kind stadium seats,, around it, but not too many,, when we entered, their players are already in the pitch training,, tapping ball and running around,, they have big boys on their football team, and their players shows some skill, that made our players look at them in fear,, even me fear catch oo,, i begin they think say we don loose today match,,

sam. guy na all this old papa we go play??

me. maybe they not them,, but if na them vro na die be that oo,,

ok come down players and kit your selves,,

we came down and was directed to were we will relax to get kitted, st johns school bell came on, as all their players went off the pitch,, we were still kitting when one man with the( governors cut)boldly written on the white jersey he was wearing,, our couch greeted him,, we also greated him one after the other,,

man. couch you and this your boys are very strong in this competition, i wish you all success,,

couch. thank you,,

man. you are the boy that scored that wonderful goal on your last match right?? he said as he points at me,,

me. yea sir,

man. you are a great player and you have more futures ahead,, be strong,, i love your skills,


me. thank you sir,,
he went out with our couch as we continued kitting, this time the referee has started calling with his whistle,,

the couch came back alone,,

that was the governor’s junior brother, he is one of the official,,

ok you all are ready to go now,, our opponent are already in the pitch,, remember you positions and play it better,, no mess up,, i know my defenders are strong,, and my midfielder, remember the midfielder number one rule,,dont let them take the midfield from you,, because the midfield is the key of the team,, once it slacks, the whole team looses focus,,

tony and sam remember you promise early in the morning, keep it and i will keep mine,, you guys can switch positions anytime to decieve their defenders,,

me and sam looked at each others and smiled that kind (God has answered our prayer smile)

couch continues… hope you guys are not afraid of our oponents,, be strong because, to big can never be the winning team,, break the rule and bring our right,, remember todays match determins our position in this competition. .
goodluck players,,

players. thank you sir, we are here to fight for our right,, (with bold voice)
then we started matching to the pitch one by one,

sam. tony this God is a wonderful God oo,,

me. ofcus he is,, so you start as s striker right, i give you 20 mins to get me a goal,, i trust you,, remember our surfering this morning in the pitch and make something out of it,, use any little chance to fire a shot to the net,, believe me one must enter,

sam. i promise to try my best,,

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