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 - Season 2 - Episode 15
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the match started immidiatly after handshake of the both team,, the first 15minute was 50-50 possession, , i was doing my magic along the winger side, dribbling and tripping their players,, our students shout outside made us more happy and ready to play more,, their players has names like that of NFF player,, you will hear them calling them selves names like, utaka, mikel, okocha, babayaro,, the most funny one is that fat one thay use to call yakubu,, that guy is strong, he can play like he has no weight on him,,

sam was also good at striking, he took my advice,, he is always were ever the ball lands,, he also fires shot anyhow to make sure he got a goal,, it was already around 40 minutes of the game, still goalless, the we are now playing them like our slaves,, our touches and passes seems professional,, not quite my number 2 got the ball,, then i took off as he fires a long pass to me,, which yakubu followed me immediately,, i got the ball al9ng the line,, but yakubu was first running alongside me,, immediately i saw him coming with that great speed,, fear catch,, i lost my sence of play,, the only thing i can think of was take the ball and run straight, i did but he never stops, rather i think he added more speed, then with the ball i stopped, then he run pass me, and wanted to turn immediately, with that speed he felt down immediately and the crowds shouted in loud voice,,then my sence of play returned, i turned immediately dribbled the the guy next to me, then there was two guys at my front, i must dribble them to see the keeper, and i cannot dribble them,

its seems God of soccer was really at our side,, immidiatly i saw sam running so fast to the 18yard box, he was alone, and was well positioned for a pass, i fired a long pass to him on ground, then immediately he got it, he turned, dribbled the guy next to him and fired a hot shot to the nets, and the whole crowd shouted,

sam. ran straight to were i was and hugged me with his heavy body, then i felt down to the ground,,in a second, almost all our player, was ontop of me and sam in celebrationg,, we came back immediately after celebrations, and continues with the game,, it was around 45min, their striker got the ball dribbled as he wanted to play a shot, at our 18yard box, but one of our defenders, got him knocked down, and they was awarded a penalty, which the yakubu scored, the first half ended


st.charles 1-1 st.johns;,
you guys tried and i was really proud of you all, that was an owesome goal, hope you all heard the commentator saying, that it was the best goal of this league,, am so happy, you guys made me proud,, and i dont care if we lost this match or not,, ..just relax player, our principal is here.

principal. good day players,

players. good day sir,,

principal. yoh know i have been beating my self for missing your previous match, you guys are wonderful, i am so proud of you all,
were is that guy tony,

me. sir,

principal. you know you are a star,, i am so proud to have you in our school,, just dont forget who you are and be what you are,, i am proud of you,

me . thank you sir,

principal. now player, you will soon be going on to the second half,, just take it easy,, and make sure no one was injured, like your couch said, me myself, i dont care weither you guys win or loose on this game, because you have already won,, but remember we are going home for another party tonight, i love you all!!

players. thank you sir…….

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