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Must Read: Whatsapp Adventure…
 - Season 2 - Episode 17
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me. on a condition that you two will have to promise that you will always follow me to any match no matter what,,

chuks. yes i promise never to fail you again,,

dan. me too,,

me. ok now give me a hug i score for you both today,,

no no wait, let me take my bath first because am wet with heat,

they didnt even bother as they both landed on my heat body, it was really an unforgettable memory,, dan and chuks are simply the kind of family i need here, they are caring, smart and most of all funny,, after that hug i went to the bathroom to freshen up, while chuks and dan were arranging my the cloth i will wear, after my bath i came out to the the both looking and laughing at my phone,,

me. what are you guys laughing at??

dan. shade sent you a very funny joke on whatsapp,

me. that girl sabi send funny jokes,

dan. less i forgot, amina said you should meet her at the usual place tonight,,

me. ok

chuks. tony i think amina is really in love with you and you should do something about it,,

me. no, she is in love with someone else, and besides she is going to kiss the person today,,

chuks. she told you that by her self??
me. yes, she said it,

chuks. but i always see love in that girl eyes whenever she comes around you,, the way she smiles to you, and the way she compotes her self when ever she is around you, you know amina is once a rude girl, who dont talk to anybody, she always feels too big of her self,, but tony you have totally changed her since you came to st charles, and not every rude girl can easily accept that,,


me. mr love seer, you dey see love for her eyes, why dont you see love in her eyes for you, its me you are seeing it for,,

dan. but tony, she just said she will want to see you tonight at usual play, and you just said that she said that she is going to kiss her lover tonight,, by the ways is she officially dating with the guy in question??

me. noo they haven’t started dating, but i think they will start tonight, because she is going to confess her love to the guy tonight,

dan. wait oo, they guy doesn’t even know that she loves him,,

me. no, everything is going to happen tonight,

chuks. did you know the guy??

me. no,

dan. (laughs) dont you think you might be the guy,, ok she is going to kiss the boy tonight, and she asked you to come to usual place tonight, dont you think you are the guy she loves, she want you to come there so she can kiss and confess her love to you??,,

me. noo, i am not because of i am, she would have told me a long time ago, am even helping her win the guy,,

dan. ok tony, no problem, after tonight we shall know,,

ok. its was already, 7.07, and the party has already started, i was still in my room talking with my room mates, as i was on my bed rest and replying my massages on whatsapp,,
shade asked me how my match today went, i told her all, and she congratulated me, and also promised me a gift, i replied amina with ok,,
after replying the chats, we all set off to the party, all students already gathered before we got there, i saw amina with her friends, as i greeted them, amina used her eyes to do sign for me, which i did no understand, when i got to were the players was, sam was already there, immediately he saw me, he smiled,

sam. you dey always come late,,

me. no mind me jare,,

sam. guest what???

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