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 - Season 2 - Episode 18
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Sam. tunde has paid out, am even with the money now,

me. that’s good, am happy you showed him what we are made of,

Sam. here your own money,you really tried a lot, from today you are going to be my best friend,,

he dip hand into his pocket and brought out 5, 1 thousand naira note, as he handed me 3 of it, which is 3000 naira,

Sam. take it, you deserve it,,

me. no I don’t need it,, keep it, it’s for you alone,,

Sam. why are you doing this, we both agreed on this, or is it because I gave you 60%??,,

me. no, just that I don’t need money,, and beside I have enough with me,,

Sam. me too I don’t need money, so I guest we return it to tunde and advise him not to bet again??

me. yea, that would be better,,
we were still talking, when the kitchen crew got us our own soft drink and snack, with some meats, but I think the meat is for the players alone,, we started eating and enjoying our labour,,

a little girl game beside me and informed me that one senior like that wanted to see me at the pitch bench,, I informed Sam, and he gave me a go ahead order,, I left my food and drink at his care as I left for the cool pitch,

when I got there, I was surprised to see senior Ivie alone on the bench, everywhere was cool, and the cool night breeze that was coming there was very nice, I sat down beside here,

me. good evening senior ivie,

ivie. same to you Tony, I called you here today because I want to tell you something that have been bothering, yes I know very well that am your senior but I can’t help it,

I love you from the first day I set my eyes on you, and everyday I saw you my heart always skit, please can you be my boyfriend, if you accept me today, you will never lack anything, as far as am alive, I will be happy to call you my boyfriend, please don’t reject it,,

me. am sorry senior, I already have a girlfriend, and I love her so much, please understand,

I stood up to leave but she held my hands,

ivie. wait, I don’t care if you have any girl, that ok with me, I will act well in front of her, please just accept it,,

me. then I will have to think about it, if it will be OK with me, I will notify you,,

ivie. ok thank you,,

I left her with anger, as I walked in to were I was enjoying my life, when I got to the party hall, they have started sharing foods, I relaxed and finished up my snacks and mead as I requested for rice,,
after eating, time checked, 8.23, then I remembered, that am surposed to meet with amina,, I left immediately as I signaled Dan and chuks to watch my back,,
all road was cleared because all securities were in the hall enjoy them selves,
when I got to the school back, I headed for the mango tree, I found amino standing alone on the black night, when she saw me she ran to me and hugs me,

amina. I am proud of you, you did very well in the match today, I know that goal was for me,

me. yes ofcus I promised you that right,
by the way did you got a chance to meet your brother??

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