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when we got to our room that night,, I highlighted what happened to Dan and chuks they were so happy for me,, as both of them apologised for not telling that they have been working with amina,,

me. but you guys really betrayed me,, so you guys has been doing this all this while without even telling me,,

chuks, no tony it’s not like that,, you know we are your family here,, and we saw what would be good for you,, that why we helped on it,,

Dan. Tony you know amina really loves you, the time she was even telling me and chuks to help her, she was really shading tears like she really needed you in her life,, that day I really saw real love in her eyes, that I wished am the one she loves, I know that she will be your happiness and I trust you will never hurt her,,

I stood up, hugs the both of them and thanked them for helping, they are really what I needed in friends and am so happy to have them in my life,,
from that day my relationship with amina started growing strong, that everybody in the school even the teachers knows that we are in love, senior ivie never stops disturbing me, anyway I already told her that I can never love her or be her boyfriend because I really love amina, and I have become in more stronger relationship with tunde and Sam, that we always stays together, we have made it out of the governors cup group stage with 9 points, and we are now waiting for the grouping of the round 16, miss ade found out about me and amina, I was surprised with her actions, she called me over it in her house,,

miss ade. baby I know you needed love, infact i once thought about tell you to find one, am so happy you found the girl I think will take care of you, amina is a good girl, though rude sometimes but she is the best for you,, am happy for you and her,, but u know you haven’t told her about us,,

me. she already know about us, but she didn’t know us for being more than a casual friends,,

miss ade. that good, make sure you keep it as a secret between you both,,

me. you know you are my first, yes I love amina so much but I still love you, because you took care of me like my mother, so I will never let you down, don’t worry am, we are in this together,

miss ade. exam starts tomorrow, I trust you, I know you are going to make me happy once again,, don’t let anybody take that seat from you, and remember your lover is you opponent, so you must not let her be at the head,
I want you to be strong and read moreviews to make 8t in flying colours,

me. ok ma , I will try my best,,,
I left her house but not after a hot round of s-x, this time am beginning to enjoy s-x, infact am turning an adict,

two days into the exam, amina has stopped showing me face since the exam started, she stopped looking at me even after exams she will pick her question Peper and will always walk out of the hall without talking to me, so I started feeling she was angry with me, I went home pick my phone to chat her on whatsapp, but I was surprised her last seen was on Sunday, a day before the exam, I became more worried, and I don’t want to approach her because I don’t really know why she was acting that way,,

one morning I came to the exam hall and all the students in the hall were busy looking at sheet of Peper on a wall, there was crowd there, so I decided to check what’s on the wall, when I go there what I see was funny
but serious, I couldn’t even believe my eyes,

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